Bachelor Andrej Mangold: The new Nathalia secures Zoff in Villa TV

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Is zigzag moving into the "bachelor" villa with the new one?

No one expected that: Shortly before the second night of the rose, a single lady suddenly came together with Bachelor Andrej Mangold (31). Her name is Nathalia (25), she was born in Brazil and now lives in Germany. Now she wants to conquer the heart of the Rosary cavalry. Much to the irritation of their competitors …

Where could you already know the beauty? Nathalia was "IMAGE summer girl" last year. About the dream man she told BILD: "He should look more southerly, like with a beard. Above all, it must be right between us."

Is Andrejs for their taste? Nathalia fits in any case in the farming scheme of Bachelor!

Basketball pro has a preference for brunette women. His two ex-girlfriends were also dark-haired, he reveals in the second episode of the new "Bachelor" bill (Wednesday, 20:15 at RTL). How dangerous can the 25-year-old become the other Chicas in the Mexican Los Cabos?


In the second episode, Andrei gets to know his 17 women a little better. It's the first single dates, an interesting sports session and a typical Mexican Fiesta.

So the surprise of the single: In "The Night of the Roses" a new lady is suddenly in front of him. Nathalia also wants to conquer Andrei's heart. And it seems that the native Brazilian does not take into account other women when it comes to a man. "I have the problem that I often hate from women because I look good," she says on the show.

Your Challenge:

The reaction to the competition? Shocked look and a cool welcome. Curly-haired Cecilia (22): "It would be a lie if I say I was happy." Even Steffi (32) is never thrilled: "It's not nice that someone else has come to it."

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Photo: MG RTL D

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That was what her companions had to look like when Nathalia entered the doorPhoto: MG RTL D

Do bachelor babes now fear that Nathalia (the manufacturing company of a pastry producer) will snatch away hottie single? In the show, the 25-year-old says himself: "My view drives the men crazy. I am being talked to many times." And with regard to the other girls in the mansion, "I think I have some problems."

And how does Andrei think about the beautiful Brazilian?

Bachelor: "Dark hair, sexy, good figure … I love it …!"

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