Bachelor Andrei honest: He wouldn't have addressed Jade

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Does Jade Übach have any chance with Rosenkavalier Andrej Mangold (31)? This week is the second episode of today's bachelor season. And after getting to know each other in the first episode, this week's game goes to extremes: the first dates are up! Among the lucky candidates who are allowed to kick the group day with the ex-basketball player, is also the blonde jadeBut can the sparks really spray between stewardess and Hanoverian? because Andrej gives before mass rendezvous: The cologne is not really his type!

"She wouldn't be a person I would have addressed actively anywhere in my home country"tells the half American about the babble jadeFor this reason, he sees in the current episode of the conversation with German-British. In the group day, the two singles finally discover a property they have in common: they love sports! Also like jadethe Andrej a humorous man is.

Even before the start of this year's Bachelor's edition it became clear that there are blondes like jade would have trouble winning the heart of the current bachelor. "My type of wife is actually dark-haired, and also of darker skin types, and my eyes are actually in the dark type of woman"He described his dream wife in an interview.

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Jade Übach, participant in MG RTL DPhotos Gallery Button
Jade Übach, participant in "The Bachelor"
Andrej Mangold in first bachelor's degreeMG RTL D

Andrej Mangold in first bachelor's degree
Jade Übach, Bachelor candidateMG RTL D

Jade Übach, Bachelor candidate

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