Bachelor 2019: Then you see episode 2 on TV and in the stream

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Broadcast dates at a glance

On January 9, it determines which ladies in the second episode "The Bachelor" could convince themselves. What is waiting for you in the new episode and how you can see Andrei and the candidates on TV and in the stream, you will learn with us.

Bachelor 2019: Andrej (31) from Hanover.

Bachelor 2019: Andrej (31) from Hanover. (Source: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi / All episodes of "The Bachelor" on TVNOW:


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Episode 2 of "The Bachelor" 2019 brings the first battle with it and a brand new candidate is devoted to the bachelor's attention. In addition, the bachelor brings six ladies with a group frequency in the gym to work with sweat. January 9, you can see the new episode at 20:15 at RTL, after you find it free in the stream on TV now. You can find out below when today's bachelor episodes can be seen regularly on TV and in live stream.

Broadcast dates for Bachelor

In the following table you will find the sending dates for Bachelor.
The specified transmit dates are only initial transmissions and repetitions transmitted on different channels.

Despite all the care, we may have missed an appointment or made a mistake. If you notice anything, give us a hint in the comments.

Watch RTL live stream online in your browser

All legal live streams from RTL can be found here on this site. Unless otherwise stated, you do not need to register, nor do you pay for the electricity.

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So you see bachelor in live stream

Even easier is reception via electronic television services. With that you get not only "The Bachelor" but the complete live stream of RTL with all broadcasts – and legal.

Zattoo "class =" lat Bachelor at Zattoo
Package: Premium |
Price: From 9.99 Euro per month. |
Quality: HD
Magine TV "class =" lat Bachelor of Magine TV
Package: Comfort HD |
Price: 10.00 euros per month |
Quality: HD

Package: Deluxe HD
Price: 20,00 Euro per month |
Quality: HD

TV NOW "class =" lat Bachelor of TV NOW
Package: Free |
Price: From 0.00 Euro per month |
Quality: SD

Package: Premium |
Price: From 4.99 Euro per month |
Quality: HD "class =" lat Bachelor degree at
Package: Comfort |
Price: From 4.99 Euro per month |
Quality: SD

Package: Perfect |
Price: 9.99 euros a month |
Quality: SD

TV movie live "class =" lat Bachelor on TV has movies live
Package: Live TV package |
Price: 9.99 euros a month |
Quality: SD
Vodafone GigaTV app "class =" lat Bachelor degree at Vodafone GigaTV App
Package: TV Experience |
Price: From € 9.99 per month |
Quality: HD
MagentaTV "class =" lat Bachelor in MagentaTV
Package: Options: HD Start |
Price: From € 6.95 per month |
Quality: HD

Package: Free Channels |
Price: From € 39.95 per month |
Quality: SD

Alternatively, you can access the transmitter via the IPTV provider. For example, RTL is offered through MagentaTV and Horizon Go. However, please note that both offers are regionally limited.

You can find out more about RTL reception options on our website. There you will also learn how to receive the drive via DVB-S2 or DVB-T2.

Shipment missed?

If you have missed Bachelor, you can download the program from RTL Media Center. Keep in mind that this is not always the case, some programs are available for retrieval in seven days, others are not released at all. Click the red button to go directly to the media library.

For RTL Mediathek

If you miss the Bachelor Broadcast more often, you can also consider registering with an online TV recorder. For example, you can register RTL with the two services and Save.TV.

See the new episode of Bachelor 2019 before the TV broadcast

You can already find out how Bachelor Villa in Mexico continues. If you are a premium subscriber to TV Now & # 39; s RTL streaming service, you will be able to see the new Bachelor programs in front of everyone else. The new episode will not be available on Wednesdays, but on Saturdays from 20:15. A subscription to TV Now you cost 4.99 euros per month. You can also try the service for 30 days for free.

Bachelor 2019: Candidates in an instant

Of course, the broadcast station has also set up its own website for Bachelor 2019. Here you will learn all about the candidates' first-hand hand.


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