Baby Seal Kaley Cuoco tried to save the day of Thanksgiving has been saved

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Kaley Cuoco

Baby Seal She tried to save

It has been found and saved!

11/23/2018 9:22 AM PST

Exclusive details

7:33 PM — GOOD NEWS!!! The Marine and Wildlife Institute of the Channel Islands has rescued the sea lion and has been named # 99 because it is the 99th seal that the organization has saved this year. We were told that the volunteers found that the puppy had appeared at Mussel Shoals, which is about 7 miles south of where Kaley & Co. had originally seen it on Thanksgiving Day.

They tell us that the male puppy is very low in weight … with only 26 pounds. The good people of CIMWI will provide medical attention to the puppy and the rehabilitation will last a few months before the puppy can stand on its own. Amazing!!!

1:33 PM OutdoorPT – Kaley went to Instagram and said that her husband, Karl, went to look for the puppy up and down the beach and they did not see him. He added that he assumes that the puppy is well and that he could have returned to the ocean since the tide was near the rocks where the puppy was stranded.

10:14 a.m. PT — The Institute of the Islands of the Sea and Wildlife, whose volunteers showed up at the beach to offer help, he tells TMZ … "Unfortunately, we could not attempt a rescue effort [Thursday night] because it would not have been safe due to the location of the animal on the rocks and the sunset. "A representative of the organization also tells us that people on the beach said last night that they would check the animal on Friday morning and call the If a rescue attempt was needed but no phone call was received, the organization added that volunteers are ready to respond if the puppy reappears.Kaley Cuoco He did a good deed on Thanksgiving Day … an unexpected one while walking on the beach and seeing a baby seal in a desperate state.

Kaley was spending the first Thanksgiving with her in-laws in the Santa Barbara area when she saw the seal on a rock, clearly in danger.

Kaley and my husband, Karl CookHe called a 24-hour wildlife and marine hotline and asked for help to rescue the seal.

While they waited, a group of volunteers came to help. They all stayed, trying to help the seal.

The condition of the seal is unknown. We will update when we find out.

Well done, Kaley and Karl.

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