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adminOctober 23, 2018

The iconic success of Britney Spears '… Baby One More Time' is officially 20 years old, and we celebrate looking back on all the most iconic videos of the pop star!

It's hard to believe that Britney Spears"Single debut", "Baby One More" turns 20 on October 23, but unfortunately, the 90's came and went and the British teenager we once knew is now the reigning queen of Las Vegas, 36 years old . After accumulating more hits over the years than we could have imagined, Britney has consolidated her place not only as an icon of music, but also as an icon of style. The pop princess has caught on dozens of music videos throughout her career, and each time, she debuted with a new iconic set that was truly unforgettable. In honor of the 20-year milestone of their first video, we take a look back at all the most memorable music videos to date!

When Britney first appeared on the scene with her video "… Baby One More Time," she sent jaws to the floor. Only one teenager at that time, Brit's sexy schoolgirl outfit caused a big uproar, and was considered instantly inappropriate by parents around the world, but looking back, Britney was well ahead of her time! With a short white top that showed off her red bra and a short black skirt, her school "uniform" was an instant classic of the pop star!

You can not look back on Brit's most iconic music videos, not to mention her "(You Drive Me) Crazy" video, in which she played a restaurant with Melissa Joan Hart. Brit begins with the visual in nerdy pink glasses and pigtails, while she wears a waitress uniform, but quickly replaces her conservative outfit with a much sexier appearance. Britney breaks it on the dance floor with an emerald green crop top and tight black velvet trousers. This outfit just shouted the 90s! With her blond hair loose, Britney had hypnotized the fans with the epic video full of energy.

In 2009, Britney took fans to the "Circus", and the visual of her hit single brought a lot of glamor. With tight curls and a brilliant diamond choker, Britney looked like a modern version of Marilyn Monroe in the video! She proved to be the maximum leader of the ring and faced a team of dancers in an outfit inspired by the circus. In one scene, she steals the show, in a transparent and shiny suit. All these looks had fans who dominated her at that moment, and the longevity of the video has followers that are still seen today. Click on the gallery above to see all the most iconic music video looks to date!

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