Avengers: Infinity War on Netflix generates controversy to call intergalactic sociopath & # 39; to Thanos | Avengers | Picture 1 of 9 | cartoons

adminDecember 28, 2018

Thanos he is the biggest villain of it Avengers: Infinity War , the long awaited prequel Avengers 4. The tape is already available on the platform Netflix but with a detail that has annoyed thousands of fans.

It happens that the description of Avengers: Infinity War in Netflix refers to Thanos as "intergalactic sociopath".

" Superheroes gather to stop Thanos, the intergalactic sociopath, from acquiring all the infinite stones and eliminating half of living beings in the universe", Says the official description on the platform Netflix in English

Followers showed their annoyance at this description of Thanosbecause the villain off Avengers: Infinity War He explained his intention to eliminate half the life of the universe due to limited resources.

NetflixFinally, he made the change to the description of Avengers: Infinity War with a description of Thanos as "intruder, annihilator. Self-proclaimed Savior".

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