Avengers 4: Was Thanos merged with Infinity Gauntlet?

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The hardest decisions require the strongest will – this is Thano's motto Avengers: Infinity War remained faithful. Then he not only killed his foster daughter, Gamora, but With a snap on his fingers he deleted half of the universeBut not without paying a price.

We already know that the use of all six Infinity Stones at once "crumpled" the crazy Titan. In fact, because of this power, the injured Infinity Gauntlet can merge with Thanos, At least it's ScreenRant suspects.

According to the theory, this will fit the victim's theme, as in Infinity War was ubiquitousSo you will explain why Thanos in the first trailer too endgame wearing a glove, even though he is already in self-imposed exile. In addition, the (remaining) Avengers will have similar difficulty in competing again in the fight against Thanos, since the insane Titan still has infinite stone.

However, the glove appears to be so badly damaged that another universal change goal is not possible. Avengers must therefore be creative as they bring Thanos to their knees and reverse the decimation of half the universe. Has anyone mentioned Ant-Man and time travel?

Thanos still carries Infinity Gauntlet in the first trailer of Avengers: Endgame. And that, though it was visibly damaged in the finals of the Infinity War.

However, against this theory it would speak that stage is discussed from the first trailer as well Avengers: Endgame also immediately after the end of Avengers: Infinity War could playPerhaps Thanos just didn't have time to keep the glove safe and couldn't wait to enjoy the life of a simple (space) farmer.

In addition, we already know thanks to pictures Avengers 4. that Thanos will put on his armor and swing a pretty impressive swordWould he even need it if he still had infinite stone? Okay: Thanos wears a new, undamaged dress on this artwork.

The most important information about Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame continues the fight against Thanos, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo April 25, 2019 continued.

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