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adminJanuary 7, 2019

Avengers Endgame never ceases to amaze us with the amount of material and the community loses no idea to get an idea of ​​what the conclusion of Phase 3 in the UCM is about. With the latest trailer we learned that the title is Endgame and since then it has become complicated. The reason? For years there was some reference to the name of the new movie of Marvel.

The first joints came from Dr. Strange in & # 39;Avengers: Infinity War & # 39 ;, where he talks about all the possibilities that Avengers had to defeat Thanos. In particular, the phrase "We're at the end of the game now".

Now, a video saved by the user Twitter @ImAFilmEditor shows it Robert Downey Jr.. was the first to predict the title Avengers 4.

" Hmm … it makes you think there might be a bigger plan at stake here, right? Some remember when I took a nuclear weapon through a wormhole, I saved New York, remember? A hostile alien army came up with a hole in the room, we stand 300 feet below it. We're Avengers, we can destroy weapons dealers all day long, but that's the end. How are you going to beat it?"says the actor.

Chance too Avengers 4? Perhaps everything was ready to provide such data over the years.

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