Audience. Top Programs December 24th. What were the Romans watching when they were expecting Christmas Eve?

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Audience. Top Programs December 24th. What were the Romans watching when they were expecting Christmas Eve?
Las Fierbinti – Photo: Pro TV

In the evening at Eve, the premiere was dominated by Pro TV and Antena 1. Pro TV had the most watched programs: Las Hot, News and Movie of the Evening, while Antena 1 was the most watched production Chefs on knives. presents the most watched programs on Christmas Eve on the three audiences:

NATIONAL. Las Hot, the special episode, was the most watched program of the day, on all audiences. Over 2.4 million viewers were the Pro TV media, during the special episode. Almost 30% of the viewers who were on the TV in the evening chose Las Hot.

Pro TV news at 19:00 approached two million viewers. The podium is supplemented by Pro TV News at 5 pm.

Today's most watched program on Antena 1 was Chefi on knives, a show that averaged 1.3 million viewers every minute.

Good figures for Cabras show at 18.00, which averaged over 1.2 million people.

The first 12 positions in the top of today's most watched programs are shared between Pro TV and Antena 1. Only in 13th place we have another TV program: Romania TV with Special Edition.

The most watched program of the National TV's Eve Series was the Indian Sin Truth series, over 570,000 viewers.

Channel D's most watched program was the first part of the Holy Family series, about the Virgin Mary.

URBAN. The special episode Las Fierbinti had over 1.1 million viewers from cities. And here was the most watched program of the day, followed by Pro TV News at 7pm and 5pm.

The show "What Romans", presented by Cabral, had slightly larger numbers than Chefi on knives, the first show in Antena 1. The knives were the most watched Antenna 1 program, with nearly 700,000 viewers from cities.

The channel D programs were down in the audience and cities. Mostly watched on Turkish television was like the national "The Holy Family".

COMMERCIAL. Pro TV gave the three most popular programs to the commercial audience: Las Hot, The News and John Carter.

Good figures, above average, and Chefi on knives, Antena 1 cooking.

The first 15 programs in the most sought after ranking of the commercial audience belonged to Pro TV and Antena 1.

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The most monitored programs on Monday 24 December at level NATIONAL:

NATIONAL mail bell people rtg% share
1Launch Fierbinti special episodeFor TV20.302.472 million13.929.7
2News Pro TV 19.00For TV19.001.965 million11.124.8
3Pro TV News 17.00For TV17.001.392 million7.920
4Chefs on knivesAntena 120.001341.0007.616.8
5What the Romans sayFor TV18.001264.0007.117.2
6Observator 19.00Antena 119.001234.000715.6
7Direct accessAntena 116.501222.0006.917.2
8John CarterFor TV22.301090.0006.120.9
9Pro TV News 6.00For TV6.001032.0005.835
10Observator 16.00Antena 116.007880004.412.9
11Observator 13.00Antena 113.007710004.415.3
12Goana after the giftFor TV10:256670003.815.1
13Special EditionRomania TV23.006260003.510.3
14News Pro TV 13.00For TV12:205870003.312.6
15Tradened soulsNational TV19.005730003.27.2
16News 16.00 Romania TVRomania TV16.005550003.19.1
17The Holy Family (Ep.1)Channel D21.205550003.17.6
18Special EditionRomania TV17.005530003.18
19Special ChristmasRomania TV19.505480003.16.7
20Who is Santa Claus?Antena 123.15537000312.3
21Power of loveChannel D12:53:35524000310.2
22News 18.00 Romania TVRomania TV18.005140002.97
23Great gigantic friendlyFor TV12:405090002.910
24News 15.00 Romania TVRomania TV15.004870002.78.8
25Friends of 11Antena 110:554420002.59.7
26Neatza with Razvan and DaniAntena 17.504340002.511.8
27Voic with VoicuAntena 321.004240002.45.1
28NEWS 12.00 – ROMANIA TVRomania TV12:00:124240002.49.1
29News Channel DChannel D18.454130002.35.3
30Romania in 60 minutesRomania TV19.004020002.35.1

source: Kantar Media Copyright: ARMA

The most monitored programs on Monday 24 December in the environment URBAN:

URBAN mail bell people rtg% share
1Launch Fierbinti special episodeFor TV20.301.164 million12.127.3
2News Pro TV 19.00For TV19.0099300010.425.9
3Pro TV News 17.00For TV17.007160007.521.2
4What the Romans sayFor TV18.006910007.219.2
5Chefs on knivesAntena 120.006830007.116.6
6John CarterFor TV22.305690005.920.4
7Observator 19.00Antena 119.005270005.513.8
8Pro TV News 6.00For TV6.00477000535.8
9Direct accessAntena 116.50469.0004.913.5
10Goana after the giftFor TV10:253770003.917.5
11Observator 16.00Antena 116.003640003.811.7
12Observator 13.00Antena 113.003420003.614.9
13Special EditionRomania TV23.003410003.610.7
14Who is Santa Claus?Antena 123.153370003.514.2
15News Pro TV 13.00For TV12:203360003.515.5
16Special ChristmasRomania TV19.503240003.47.7
17Voic with VoicuAntena 321.00269.0002.86.4
18News 16.00 Romania TVRomania TV16.002550002.78.2
19Special EditionRomania TV17.002520002.67.5
20News 18.00 Romania TVRomania TV18.00248.0002.66.9
21News 15.00 Romania TVRomania TV15.002410002.58.8
22Tradened soulsNational TV19.002320002.46
23Romania in 60 minutesRomania TV19.002270002.45.9
24News 00.00 Romania TVRomania TV0.002200002.39.5
25Great gigantic friendlyFor TV12:402180002.39.4
26The Holy Family (Ep.1)Channel D21.202150002.25.7
27Friends of 11Antena 110:552080002.29.5
28News Channel DChannel D18.452060002.15.4
29100 minutes (1)Antena 319.002020002.15.3
30100 minutes (2)Antena 320.002000002.14.7

source: Kantar Media Copyright: ARMA

The most watched programs on Monday 24 December, on the audience COMMERCIAL:

COMMERCIAL channel bell people rtg% share
1Launch Fierbinti special episodeFor TV20.3057600013.335.2
2News Pro TV 19.00For TV19.004260009.932.2
3John CarterFor TV22.303530008.228.2
4Chefs on knivesAntena 120.00344000821.6
5Pro TV News 17.00For TV17.003070007.127.7
6What the Romans sayFor TV18.002890006.724.1
7Who is Santa Claus?Antena 123.152110004.919.1
8Goana after the giftFor TV10:252040004.725.6
9Pro TV News 6.00For TV6.00174000439
10Observator 19.00Antena 119.00172.000413.1
11News Pro TV 13.00For TV12:201570003.621.6
12Direct accessAntena 116.501550003.613.5
13Observator 16.00Antena 116.001510003.515
14Observator 13.00Antena 113.00129000316.7
15ShanghaiAntena 11.251050002.416
16News Channel DChannel D18.45990002.37.6
17Great gigantic friendlyFor TV12:40950002.212.4
18Neatza with Razvan and DaniAntena 17.50950002.215.6
19Friends of 11Antena 110:55820001.910.6
20The Holy Family (Ep.1)Channel D21.20750001.74.9
21The power of loveChannel D12:50630001.58.1
22You want to be a millionaireChannel D20.00530001.23.3
23Extreme stormFor TV2.00520001.220.3
24Telejurnal 20TVR 120.00510001.23.4
25It rains on the meatballsCartoon Network10:50500001.26.3
26Special EditionRomania TV23.00490001.13.6
27Morning observerAntena 16.00460001.117.6
28100 minutes (1)Antena 319.004500013.4
29Star NewsAntena Stars17.454500013.8
30New Looney TunesBoomerang17.404500013.9

source: Kantar Media Copyright: ARMA

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