ATV bandits cannot be dominant to the world. When is the new episode?

adminJanuary 7, 2019

ATV monitors of every period since the beginning of the broadcast life continues to be popular and the excitement and curiosity of the public continues to live in the serial project Eşkıya Dünyaya Linjaliser Olmaz 122 The date of the release of the chapter was subject to intense questioning. Last week, the audience has a great difficulty in believing and experiencing difficulties in the audience, as a result of the solution of İlyas & # 39; s pride, Khidr and his family slammed in front of the eyes crushed to the stage where the stage was not ruling by the government of the new the world of invisible, appeared in the broadcast. Well, the events that were performed on each screen moved to the stage, and the prolonged screen adventures continued successfully the continuation of the band. Whether poor İlyas will die or not, the bandits will not be world leaders when will the new chapter be published?

Why aren't new episodes published? When begins all arrays

What shouldn't be delivered to the world than 122,000 when it happens?

The bandits will not be ruled by the world When the date when the 122 episode meets enthusiasts in the series, is not found in the broadcast stream of ATV. began performing research in the form of uninterrupted. Bandit Will Not Be The World 122 Why Isn't Broadcast? The audience will not be on the screen for both New Year's Eve and all the series will not broadcast for 3 weeks. Apart from all the manufacturer's wing, clear and clear information is not yet provided, but the new episode is expected to be published on 22 January 2019.


ATV is a very large audience on the screen of the bandits not to be governed world 121. the last part; Mesut, who has become an unlimited state, could turn his revenge and hope against Çakbeylan's. The bandits will not rule the world; Mesut, Tuncay and his team to destroy the knowledge of the loss of his life will be the great storm of the storm. From this point the events began to burst, and Mesut started the convoy with the conviction that Ilyas was the one who caused the coup. Mesut, who was known for his ambition to bring the end of the Light, signed an agreement to conspire against Alp for sending him a bid he could not deny. Mesut, Cakirbeylisi taken to the clamp of the job, cannot get out of a situation, and Khatija was also killed by learning that his brother-in-law was happy and was covered with happiness and peace of mind.

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