At home alone you lied and you never noticed

adminDecember 27, 2018

Some movie lies do not affect us all our lives. Now, some stars have such a trick in Kevin – Alone at home. And the internet was crazy – including Macaulay Culkin.

We apologize for some Christmas gift for a while, whether we gave it away or received it. With an inappropriate gift for a treat, one can finally make a heartfelt unpopular with friends and family. Such an accidental Christmas gift took Seth Rogen over to the Internet this year Twitter, He had noticed a very special detail while watching the Christmas crisis Kevin – Alone at home. Away from biggest logical error in the film he discovered a lie that the creators had just gone away with all those years. The internet reacted with a mix of shock, fascination and the surprising perception: Kevin's actor Macaulay Culkin had no idea either.

The movie in the movie by Kevin – Alone at home never really existed

We remember it well: a defiant Kevin sits in front of the TV with a large portion of ice cream and looks at him illegally an old gangster strip on video. The title: Angels With Filthy Souls, a brilliant dark film, Noir, bursting with quotable moments and truly atmospheric. only Unfortunately, this movie does not existOr, rather, only these one and a half minutes exist. Angels With Filthy Souls was filmed especially for Kevin – Alone at Home, with great attention to detail, as Vanity Fair reported many years ago. This report was apparently during that time, and saw Seth Rogen now Twitter in turmoil when he finally realized he had set up all those years of a lie:

Throughout my childhood, I have thought that the old-fashioned Kevin movie in Kevin – Alone at Home (Angels With Filthy Souls) is a real old movie.

The reactions came quickly and by many dumbfounded, prominent voices. First of all Macaulay Culkin with one "Me too!":

Captain America actor Chris Evans hooked on a completely dumbfounded "Isn't he?" city:

Kevin's fans – Home alone is brilliant with the revelation

So the news went its rounds, which amused someone, others, Christmas apparently pretty much miss. One user Rogen confirmed Greek Canadian citizenship for 23 hoursbecause he ruined his Christmas (like a decent, polite Canadian would never have). But one of them had a good idea: what if you had angels with dirty souls actually turn wanted with Macaulay Culkin starringto make it really appreciate?

We can only support this idea, especially since Culkin has recently proved that he should have such jokes and takes his childhood role with humor. It would be a gift idea for next year.

Check out the scene from Angels with Filthy Souls here and if you fancy a real gangster classic, check out Chicago Angels with Dirty Faces:

Did you know angels with dirty souls do not exist?

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