Astrology: January 7 – 13, 2019 weekly horoscope reviews

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Astrology: January 7 – 13, 2019 weekly horoscope reviews, What do you expect in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Weapons, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces?

Astrology: January 7 - 13, 2019 weekly horoscope reviews

Aries Zodiac Daily Weekly Monthly Horoscope Comments Astrology

Aries for January 7 – 13 weekly horoscope reviews

Love for life, business, education, trade, travel and new acquaintances when it comes to new developments in the form of promotion points. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we relax among these dates. Innovations, new love, beautiful surroundings, meeting people, the effect of positive thinking are very valuable.

The Venus Sagittarius can be summed up as a general overview of people who live freely, embrace people from all points of view, open the doors of the heart, negotiate in a positive way, and always suggest sincerity. The joy of life rises. In this process, enthusiasm, enthusiasm and joy are given importance to the whole and everything.

It can be radical changes in your career. You can come to a decision-making process. It's a time when you put facts on the table, and you begin to understand what's right and what's wrong. Is this really your goal or do you deserve more? This period will help you realize your dream.

The reaction you make in your career with anger can cause you to burn everything. You can reverse a loop that will go well. Saturn and Pluto are not simple planets. It always brings a load and struggle. But if you do not give up, your reward will be greater than your estimate.

It is also a period that can make clear decisions for those who do not work and who do not know where life should lead it. Maybe you have a goal, you want something or start something, but it doesn't. Are your marriage or relationship disruptive when you want to do it in the future, do you always expose your dreams? With the solar eclipse on January 6, it's time to do something!

Taurus horoscope daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Taurus 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

We look for partners in our relationships to get material and spiritual distributions. You will not notice whether it is in the case of a spouse or a business. The desire to be supported and comfortable is at the forefront. Help me and I will do what I can and build relationships. Some ambiguities in ongoing partnerships can hurt us. But we don't want it destroyed. Because we have a trade, we will not risk it.

Taurus signs change your perspective on life. Everything that pulls your energy down, you sort them all out by one. You will be in an optimistic and positive mood. No pessimism. To understand this positive energy, it is necessary to face the facts first.

The composition of Eclipse with Saturn will help you remove the negative energizing individuals or events of life by examining them properly. Taurus characters will continue with the things that make you happy. As you smile, you will notice that you are attracting positive events.

The business cycle with Saturn will be a period in which those who study in higher education can also achieve lasting success. If you have problems related to abroad, you can make a new decision with this eclipse. Maybe you read abroad, maybe it's possible to move there, on your agenda.

twins daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Gemini sign 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

He points to beautiful communications and travels for married and married people. Those who have problems in their relationship should keep the communication strong. Simple twins can meet someone. When a new offer comes, the benefits and disadvantages of it should be carefully considered.

Venus Sagittarius is the time when opportunities are increased and connections established. Positive approaches are in the foreground. What happens in the future or what kind of problems are not considered. It is an open process for all the excitement you want. The other side approaches you with all its charm, attractiveness and activity.

Gemini will focus on your material problems during this period. For a long time, you have received Saturn (transit); If you did not use your decision during this period, debt may increase. The fact that this eclipse is related to Saturn shows that you should be careful about your expenses. Put the income and expense on the table and really distinguish between what you need to use which is very necessary.

Reducing your spending over the past can achieve very good financial gains over a six-month period. Remember that Saturn will make sure you have learned your lesson. If you are determined, there is no obstacle in front of you.

The angle of eclipse with Neptune will pave the way to your dreams. The fact that Vega solid star is in this eclipse shows that you want to shine in the economic sense, you can come to a better position than you expect. A problem of inheritance can also come up. There may be an increase in the income of your spouse or family.

crab separated daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Cancer sign 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

Your request for innovation in the workplace will come to the forefront. If we are happy with our work, we advocate creating new projects and new plans. For some of us, it may indicate on the stage of establishing a new business. Monetary expenses can be a sign of travel in health conditions, but their dose should be known.

Venus Sagittarius crosses, you need to take a look at yourself before getting rid of your relationship. You should be aware of your physical and mental health. You already know more about the conditions that limit you. Now you find the power to fight them. Positive affirmations, short trips, chatting with friends, living a relationship, or coping with something to enjoy your relationship, life gives you a chance.

Your relationship will be ahead of this period. To open a new page in your relationship, to forget what happened in the past, you will receive good support. For a long time you have a topic from Saturn (transit). You may have problems in your relationship or in your marriage. You may be exposed to unknown facts. This period will allow you to decide. You will want to weigh the facts and look ahead.

Saturn will make you make sensible decisions, not emotionally. In the relationship there is even more beautiful news in the marriage. The fact that the eclipse is associated with the Vegas regular star shows that you will be in the most brilliant period of your relationship. If you are not married, the first recordings can be taken to take serious steps in your relationship.

With Neptune, your dream relationship can be real. Just tell them lonely. If you have a joint venture, you can sign up for new projects or jobs that can increase your income during this prison period. But the point you need to be aware of is to be realistic.

lion sign daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Leo signs January 7 – 13 weekly horoscope reviews

This week you are at the right time in terms of learning, being active and expressing yourself strongly. Especially in relationships, travel, communication, new acquaintances are very valuable. You will be able to express yourself better. It symbolizes new acquaintances for simple lions. It will be very nice to share for those who continue their relationship. Discovering life together is one of the effects of this transition.

Generally, the Venus Sagittarius means when it is positive, optimistic, enthusiastic and enthusiastic. Take a look at the Jupiter Sagittarius course is the look of life through a fun, relaxing window. It is easy to meet with love during this period, which is said to be optimistic about what is happening around us. Someone comes out, presents the person in our lives we love unimportant, the problems are ignored, the queries are left behind.

Even if you are physically healthy, you can reduce your energy by thinking about the problems you cannot solve. Saturn has had a psychological impact on you for a long time, and now this eclipse gives you the opportunity to complete everything and open a new page.

You may have received reactions or reactions in your life. But somehow you have to face these issues, shed light on the emergence of facts and your clear vision. This eclipse allows you to completely erase past events and focus on your future.

Saturn is in touch, will make a decision. You will leave the old and sail to a new life. The Lion characters who can do it will notice that they are spiritually relaxed. The firm Vega star will give you positive support for this new beginning. With the support of Neptune, you get the opportunity to realize your dreams.

Some of you may be physically suffering from serious illnesses. It may have become more chronic especially in the past year. This eclipse can give you healing. Your health can begin to improve with new treatment, new medicine or new doctor. Of course, Saturn will wait for you to give the course. So even consider the smallest sign, don't neglect yourself.

horoscope daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Virgo 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

For us, family relationships are important. We care about change and fusion through environmental change, the desire to go far, determination, promotion or education. It is family mobility. There is a desire to be informed.

An observation can be made to our inner world in physical and psychological terms. We both confront and march with faith. Considering the Jupiter-Sagittarius transition, problems in the family lie back in this period when the boundaries decrease and the sense of confidence increases. Venus Sagittarius transitions are gratifying for home office work, happy shopping, informing and meeting new people.

You can start a new period in your love life. For a long time, you have taken influence from Saturn, something that may not be in your love life. Even if you do not say it was completed, or even if you always think something is missing. Now, this eclipse will give you a clear decision.

If you think your relationship can no longer go, it may be time to close this page. If you want to continue sharing your problems with your partner, tell the facts one by one. When Saturn is with the eclipse, you cannot find a solution unless you tell the truth.

When you explain the problems one by one, you will notice that your relationship has also matured and you have entered a new phase. Instead of sitting and talking, if you try to show with your attitude, the result may not be what you want. I would remind you that the eclipse happened between Saturn and Pluto. Pluton will burn down the ashes.

Only those who are alone can sail into a new love. Don't expect this to happen suddenly and quickly. You will find love, but it can take time to become a relationship. Saturn likes to be patient. You should be patient. If you have children, you can use energy on issues related to it. There can be a power war between you and your child. In such a company, the authority becomes more prominent.

scales daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Libra horoscope 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

Libra shrubs can now breathe a pleasant breath. By including the Jupiter-Sagittarius course, this year's Venus-Sagittarius transition is extremely positive. Our morale will rise, your social network will expand into social relations, group and teamwork. On the other hand, there will be joyous coincidences in the environmental conditions with you.

There will be pleasant trips, conversations, meetings. Your social environment can grow, innovations will be. Venus Sagittarius crosses with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, relationships are established, our relationships are revived, the relationship with our environment is renewed, renewed.

An eclipse awaits you on your family. Maybe you have neglected them for a long time. In this eclipse cycle, the most common situation will be to maintain work-family balance. One page will give an alarm unless you keep this balance. Saturn's convergence in eclipse may require you to decide to achieve this balance.

Maybe you can change your business and choose a work line where you can spend more time with your family. Maybe you can get a job to work from home. You may also need to help the health problem of an individual in the family. If your mother and father have a discomfort, persuade them to see a doctor to control them.

You may want to make changes to your home. With the beautiful angle of Neptune you have the chance to find the house you've long dreamed of. The Vega star shows that you are open to both family and home.

Remember to be in balance. Being a workforce that does not show enough interest for the family can cause reactions. The fact that the eclipse takes place between Saturn and Pluto can cause anger explosions.

scorpio daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Scorpio signs January 7 – 13 weekly horoscope reviews

The Venus Sagittarius period will provide economic mobility. They will see support for foreign languages, travel, approaching environmental relations, meeting new people. In this process you can get a job, your salary can rise. Expenses may also increase. The need must of course be made to a certain extent. This transition will make you want to win.

A fruitful, lucky period awaits you. Concerns disappear, optimism rises. Your faith and positive thinking will open new doors for you. You enjoy every job, you do the trade you want. But let me give some advice. Don't shoot and throw. Because you will notice that you have received many unnecessary products. You like to give gifts to your loved ones and make them gestures.

Scorpio signs can be more active and busy in business. Especially those who work in sales, marketing, communication and advertising sectors can feel this intensity even more. You will see the benefits of your strong work in the future.

Solar eclipses are ideal for beginners. You can collect the fruit of your success in this period in the future. The fact that Saturn is in context shows that when you are disciplined and determined, you can do something. Especially the new environments you have purchased can give you new opportunities. For this reason, try to go wherever you are invited.

You may be tired of communication traffic. You can sleep without going into meetings. Remember, Saturn loves patience, and you will succeed in everything you do with patience. The Vega star also shows that when you show your skills, you will shine in your surroundings.

The angle of the Neptune also supports you to reach your dream goal. On the other hand, this eclipse also shows that you can experience a new development in your brother and your relatives.

Sagittarius daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Sagittarius zodiac sign on January 7 – 13 weekly horoscope

You are in a time when chances are laughter. With Jupiter in mind, we can enjoy life, wealth, blessings, and opportunities. New acquaintances, contacts and interviews are positive reflections of the process. Travel is efficient.

In Venus Sagittarius, social life becomes alive. You can easily make people aware of yourself. Venus, encourages you to be active and build relationships, is a sign of entrepreneurship, commercial and business development. You overcome difficulties. I don't think it's hard to say.

Your positive approaches give you a new environment. Your work gives you opportunities in the areas you have to deal with. They feel happy to meet you. Your activity increases on the opposite sex. You decide freely.

There may be increased financial income. You can increase your pay, you can get extra bonuses, or you will get an offer that is not in mind at all, boosts your standard of living. Of course, don't expect everything to fall from the air in an eclipse where Saturn is in context.

You are in one of the most fortunate periods of your life until December 2. This year 2015-2017 you will forget what you experience. This part of your life will also continue as smoothly as you strive for material issues in eclipses.

Capricorn daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Capricorn horoscope reviews 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope

The richness of your inner world, the feeling that the soul feels free, coincides with this period. We think positive, we relax. Capricorn will have everything organized. But a little self-time is needed. We can save time for our hobbies.

Let's stop monitoring life. Let's not worry about taking responsibility. Let's take short trips on weekends. Let's read books. I'm Gezelim. Let's explore different places. Let's take part in fun activities that will delight us, make us laugh and let our heads clear. Another important course that enriches the Venus transition is Jupiter's radiance.

Your wise aspects are very effective when you see your life through another window and develop yourself. They say, as the old ones say, was the declaration. Emotions are so rich that it is an important meditation. For Capricorn, who has lived and realized the challenging complex aspects of life, this process is time to leave pessimism behind and face the beauty of its essence.

The solar eclipse that took place on January 6 in your sign allows you to do something for the changes you want to make in your life for a long time. Maybe you wanted to change your business, but you didn't dare. Maybe you have a problem with your partner, but you couldn't figure it out.

Whatever the subject of this eclipse, it shows that your focus will be on your own. First, an "I" begins a process. You go through a transit time from Saturn, but don't forget that you can't be one when Saturn is influenced by other characters. Saturn is your leader; yes it strengthens, but also gives very nice opportunities.

The other signs are more difficult because they are not born with this difficult energy. So I think the Capricorn signs will be strengthened both in these eclipses and in the way of Saturn.

You are a bourgeois, always familiar with life's challenges and overcome. So know in these eclipses that life is harder and you will always laugh at each other.

Aquarius daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Aquarius 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

Your social life is alive. Considering the Jupiter-Sagittarius crossing, it is the pointer to positive thinking, faith, realizing dreams. It is a period where we feel much happier and relaxed. The desire to be active gives you new opportunities. Strong compounds have been established. There are social relationships and revitalization in our private lives. Simple A new person goes into the life of the team.

Venus-Sagittarius crossings, friendships, privacy, family issues, if desired. Sharing what we have learned with others is effective during this period. Relationships can be experienced by him where the wind blows. They often fall in love. Plans and projects have been prepared with an innovative enthusiasm. Meet powerful people on the same path as you. You can do many things without much effort. You help others. Bring people together, organize events. You develop your knowledge. You will succeed in jobs in foreign countries.

Maybe there's no way you're going to be miserable. Sometimes your fears can hinder you. There may be fear of losing something, or if you have done nothing because of negative results, it may have prevented you.

Now with this eclipse, you break these situations you've created in your mind. If you are scared, you go over it, you leave it on a continuous habit. Aquarius signs live in the mind more. When that mind is confused, you cannot enjoy life. You will want to clarify the problems you need to solve in your emotional life.

Pisces daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Pisces 7 – 13 January weekly horoscope reviews

This period is a time period to take our ego further. We can have the opportunity to show our talents. If we consider the Jupiter Sagittarius, our social network is strengthened. People know you, like what you do and want to work with you. A new place opens. Sometimes your employer or you change your own business.

Information, research, travel can come up because of your task or situation. The arrangements between home and work must be done well. Some of them can choose to shop freely. During this period we will leave our prejudices. We will keep up with this mobility. We will write, we will talk, we get the opportunity to show ourselves.

You enter a time frame for opportunities. These opportunities may be particularly relevant to business. You can see your gratitude from circles you are in. Saturn's relationship with this degree of eclipse shows that your success will be thanks to your own efforts.

If people come and talk about you, you know you've worked hard to get to that situation. In fact, this eclipse will be a time period when you see the value of your work. Yes, you still need a lot of work and you won't stop and say it. As you strive, you will see that your wishes are accepted and that you have always reached where you want to be. Never give up your goals when you have problems.

Know now that the end will be beautiful. The positive angle of Neptune retention will support you in making your dreams come true. You can shine like a star in your surroundings with the Vega solid star participating in the eclipse. You can also get support from your friends.

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