Astrology 2019 Annual Horoscope Reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

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Astrology: 2019 year horoscope reviews w What do you expect from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Weapons, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces?

Astrology 2019 Annual Horoscope Reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage
Astrology 2019 Annual Horoscope Reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Aries Zodiac Daily Weekly Monthly Horoscope Comments Astrology

Aries Zodiac Signs of the Year 2019: Love, Relationship and Marriage

Aries In the 2019 love life you are generally lucky. At least you know what you want. You're going to try not to worry about the little things to be stabilized. You are better at maintaining harmony and balance. If the person in your life does not satisfy you, you will decide to go after this year. Therefore, the relationship seems to be based on solid foundations.

You enter the Aries Zodiac January 2019. You do not have problems with the relationship, you are often not angry. Staying away from impulsive actions positively supports their relationship. Together with February 2019 we see family problems that come ahead. Meanwhile, the problems with the spouse or your own family meanwhile have been very tired. You won't be so uneasy. If you have a marriage you value, you must act to protect it.

Aries in March 2019, you are involved in new environments, some of the facts you do not know. You should not be involved in emotional beginnings this month. With April 2019 you come to the end of something you're having trouble with. You should be aware of the intended people around you and not share your secrets with anyone. You seem to be open to misunderstandings in May 2019. You find it difficult to express yourself. You can get to the brink of important decisions.

June 2019 Aries has an important place in its life. Ideas, thoughts, and lives can change with your faith. You go through a transformation process. If you have trouble getting to the road with the people in your life, it is definitely a decision. When you encounter unexpected events, you can hear unwanted words.

In July 2019, you must configure Aries in relationship and communication. If you've found yourself wrong, change it. If it continues, it moves to the next level. You can get married. If you are married, the boys' news seems likely. August 2019 Aries Zodiac offers innovations for life. You take action about what you want to change in the living room and around you.

In September 2019 and October 2019, the cause of the crisis is the theme of jealousy. You can help yourself to more fun places by avoiding friction. Koç Burcu November 2019 gives you security. Good news to balance your energy. It is important that you bring the problems in your immediate environment to your private life.

You use December 2019 with your loved ones as much as possible. You will build long-term and solid relationships in the long term. The effect of positive energy and positive emotions as you spread also changes with our circle.

Taurus horoscope daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Taurus 2019 annual horoscope reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Taurus Zodiac 2019 years love life in the best position of Jupiter. You experience positive developments in remote locations. You're going to travel a lot. New acquaintances, fortunes. Most importantly, you will never compromise on the feelings that will have an attitude in the direction you want. Everything will be what you want first. You have to stand behind your decisions for it.

In January 2019, you will make accurate decisions about the emotional issues you are talking about with the January 21st full-month eclipse. Let the problems in other areas of his life reflect on his privacy. February 2019 Taurus and the rising Taurus Sign depict social and environmental relations. If you wait, you can meet someone who wants to lead their lives now.

March 5, Mercury Regression points to some victims to be made. Responsibility for family relationships can adversely affect our love life. You should know that this process does not take long. In April 2019, Taurus Burcu will end your research with suspicion in your mind.

May 2019 New beginnings for bulls. You can start a new one. Or you can have love with the person who has been in your heart for a long time. It seems that mergers can also occur during this time.

Taurus accelerates its relationships with the nearby environment in June 2019. July 2 Solar eclipse With the effect of the changes in the lives of the closest man will take place. July 8, 2019, mercury aggression and the July 16 piece of the lunar eclipse are preparing for a period that will end you. You need to be prepared for what will happen this month and you should know that they all care about the future.

As of August 2019, you begin to implement your decisions. There is nothing wrong with being brave. You are as happy as you listen to your heart.

With Taurus September 2019, life has changed completely and you can try to adapt to this new order. In October 2019 you give energy to the association. Whatever you use, your responsibility in this direction is increasing.

November 12, 2019 With full moon you will have a hard time adapting to some people around you. These people can be people on the partners side. They change the way they look at them, and what they do wins you if you don't break the line.

Taurus You move on December 2019 according to the terms and conditions. You will not do any kind of behavior that will force relationships. But you don't waste your emotions. You will be more confident and confident to enter the year 2020, dear Taurus.

twins daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Gemini 2019 Year Horoscope Review: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Sign of Gemini 2019 is more eager and active in love life. The effect of Jupiter on the character is also noticed in this field. With January 2019, you become more involved with the person you love. You update the relationship.

Gemini Burcu February 2019 date, especially if you should be aware. There are problems with the partner's family. Relatives and the immediate surroundings can change the direction of beautiful development. If you work, your friends at work will be behind you. You can stop them all by acting rationally.

In March 2019, Gemini waits for a large full moon. If you wait March 21, 2019 You can make love in your life against the full moon. The person you meet can lead your life by creating a positive effect on the idea and idea.

On April 10, 2019, Jupiter's regression reminds you that you must rethink the opportunities and opportunities that have occurred so far. At the same time you are searching for social media. You need to speed up your business in the background. Communication with Gemini May 2019 cases. You pull out of some areas and spend more time on your personal life.

You can experience situations that require you to be overprotective in the family position. You cannot tolerate anything that is said to your loved ones. June 2019 has special days for Gemini Burcu. June 17, 2019 The full moon strengthens the passion for its relationship. You will act with the person you love, you will make the right decisions.

August 2019 supports privacy. But you can feel the pressure when the financial resources are inadequate. Especially if you are in the marriage process, you may experience temporary difficulties. In September 2019, Gemini Burcu must be checked in every sense.

We are very lucky, but we see that family relationships will emerge. There may be situations where a partner can create a scandal. October 2019 is the beginning of jealousy in relation to Gemini Burcu. In particular, environmental impacts and third parties can interfere with the balance. October 13, 2019 Full moon causes such effects to increase.

Gemini Burcu In November 2019, you will behave to test whether you like it or not. You will want to see your partner's interest in your life. December 2019 Gemini Sign offers relaxing effects in relationships. If you wait, you can meet someone special and take your relationship to the next level. If you stay away from dreamy attitudes, you will be much more happy in the year.

crab separated daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Cancer 2019 annual horoscope comments: Love, relationships and marriage

Cancer is more insightful and sincere in 2019 love life. You distance yourself from your dispute with your partner. This behavior pushes you and pushes you to indecision. When your expectations don't match, you shut in, you're pessimistic.

Especially in the first half of the year. A discussion that will take place in the early days of this year will end without too much growth. Crab Signs In January 2019, you begin to look more serious in life. If you have a relationship, you want to talk about your future, talk about concrete things.

January 6, 2019 Partial solar eclipse effects emphasize the quick decisions that need to be taken in relationships. The family develops a situation related to the health of the elderly. February 19 Full moon effects Changes the perception of cancer. You are obsessed with changes in the lives of the family and the brothers. In addition, the extreme controlist behavior of the person you love attracts attention.

March 5, Mercury Regression and March 6, 2019 The effects of friendship relationships with New Moon are beginning to occur. The social environment is changing and transforming. You follow intuition in April 2019.

You will act on your long-term expectations. You're talking about serious issues with your partner or partner, making important decisions. May 2019 Cancer offers permanent relationships with love life. If you are not together, you can go on a new path with an impressive, promising person. You travel a lot and like to see different places.

Cancer In June 2019, you face the consequences of the emotional decisions you have made earlier. If it is a problematic issue, differences of opinion can increase. At the end of the month, separation seems inevitable. In July 2019, the energy field changes. You spend more time in the home environment, you complete the missing. You think there are things that need to be changed in your private life. In speeches you cannot control your anger.

Crab Characters In September 2019, things you have on your head are diminishing. You have accepted or abandoned their experiences to this day. You are about to adapt to your own path. With October 2019 you will feel strong and determined in every sense. You spend most of your energy on your home, family environment.

You are far from unnecessary emotions. If you have someone in your life, you are extremely sensitive. You feel your love and compassion enough. Cancer is focused on positive areas in November 2019. You respect the privacy of your privacy and expect the same attitude from them. In this sense, you may have problems with some of you nearby.

December 2019 forces you to make important decisions. You can suddenly make a marriage decision in the ongoing association, dear cancer.

lion sign daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Leo Horoscope 2019 Year Horoscope Comments: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Leo Zodiac 2019 years of your love life, not move planned. You are not in a hurry at all. In every sense, you do not need to make the wrong decisions, and you do not miss the moment. It's going to be even better if you're on a track. If you are married, make different plans with your wife or maybe you decide to have a baby.

The sign of love moves with life in January 2019. Delays can be experienced in the relationship between the beginning, the ends, and the problematic marriages. With passion you can put the endpoint in an instant while striving to do everything better. In February 2019 there are things you want to start again. February 4, 2019 New Moon Effects bring you to the ranks of important decisions. In your private life you go through a difficult situation.

On March 6, 2019, the Uranus Taurus crosses the sign while Leo Burcu runs business, money, career space. This will make you love love for a short time. April 10, 2019 Jupiter regression causes insecurity in privacy. However, communication with the social environment is increasing. You focus on your relatives. In May 2019, the lions' energies climb. If you wait, you are indefinite about the possibilities of love. If you are married, keep the balance between work and family.

Leo Burcu June 2019 you travel to different places, you meet different people. The larger the environment, the higher the gain. July 16, 2019 With the moon's eclipse, you can confuse your private life with business. August 2019 The Lion Zodiac is trying to question his relationship. August 15 Full Moon Effects make an important decision along with rapid development. You are not sure if you will regret it.

In September 2019 you confront yourself and your feelings. You think about the difference between your dreams and your dreams. Maybe you should make new decisions, but you have to wait a while. Leo Sign October 2019 contains a risk. You can take radical steps at this time when you feel strong in every sense.

Looks like a city exchange. You are thinking of leaving something behind. The changes you make to yourself and your life in November 2019 will make you happy. You don't even hang around the tensions you live in. A person left in the past is involved in his life again.

December 2019 provides various extensions for Leo Zodiac. You set new boundaries in your life. You must rest in the spirit. The person in your life is adapted to you in every way. When you enter the year 2020, the surprise decision does not end with dear Aslan Burcu.

horoscope daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Virgo 2019 annual horoscope reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Başak Burcu 2019 years takes your feelings into the background of love life, you are at peace. Family, children, wife or loved ones balance will establish themselves very well. You are not looking forward to your love, your interest, your pleasant appearance. You will leave yourself to the flow of events without much intervention.

From January 2019, Başak Burcu has more responsibility in the living room. If your heart is empty, you will be very impressed by a new man. You can go a long way with being with her. February 2019 Başak Burcu gives confidence in life. Love negotiations, you make future plans with your partner.

The communication between you and March 2019 is increasing. The first mercury strike starts March 5, 2019 and ends March 28, 2019. Misunderstandings are possible in this date range. It is useful to be mindful of phrases not to crush. Başak Burcu You are more careful about the relationship in April 2019.

On April 10, 2019, Jupiter falls back and you take a break from future plans with the effect of regression. Instead, you will take steps to consolidate your relationship. You are more optimistic at home. May 2019 Başak Burcu offers beautiful and pleasant days. June 2019 is in every sense.

Mercury Regression, which started July 8, 2019, can create unexpected feelings on the Virgo zodiac sign. For this reason, indecision occurs at some point in the relationship. You begin to get more into the social environment. You need to change the environment. In addition to 1 week later, July 16, 2019 the month of Lunar Eclipse Effects causes a lack of pressure on the situation. You must know that these feelings are temporary and end by July 31st. August 2019 Creates a lucky period in love with Virgo Zodiac.

You have the opportunity to have a home and a home. You will get lasting results if applicable. If you are married, the bond with your wife gets better. If you are not in your life, you are in love. Başak Burcu You should be careful in close relationships between September 2019 and October 2019. A few people who like the crowd can create annoying situations. Don't let these situations get you into it.

November 2019 Başak Burcu creates formations that change their perception. Love and trust in love life becomes important. If you trust your relationship, you should avoid being indifferent and avoid asking questions by stating uncertainty. In December 2019 you will be happier in every sense.

scales daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Libra 2019 Year Horoscope Review: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Libra is not a satisfactory tie in 2019 love life. Expectations and experiences do not match each other. Maybe you should live without hope. It can carry you to places you never expected. The Star Map points out that everything is up to you. If you balance between emotions and opposite sex, everything can take shape the way you want.

In January 2019 you focused on personnel and social media. If you are not in your life, you will be looking for love. In February 2019, dealing with family relationships can be exhausting. You try to find solutions by looking at the problems from different angles, but it is not.

In August 2019, the problems that have not been discussed for a long time are likely to return to the agenda. Very unnecessary situations can occur in the marriage.

With April 2019 you feel more than expected. If you wait, you can share something different. This person may be older or older than you.

The wave in May 2019, emotions begin to lead you. This can put pressure on your partner. You can hurt him unnecessarily.

June 2019 The wave passes by to calm. If you are ready, you can enjoy yourself with spontaneous conditions.

In July 2019, the bond between the family, relatives, siblings and cousins ​​grows stronger. You enter into formations that you will support each other. With Libra August 2019 you are free from the uneasy mood.

It appears that you will be involved in more than one relationship in September 2019. At this stage, you will feel a sense of emotion.

In October 2019, Weight, you explain something you are afraid of doing by the family. With this time you might want to build a nest.

November 2019 brings you to the stage of important decisions. You make long walks.

In August 2019, along with Libra Sign, you are more in line. You will feel the positive effect of change and the evolving money situation on your private life.

scorpio daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Scorpio 2019 annual horoscope reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Scorpio Zodiac 2019 years of love, especially in the life of marriage and alliance can be different developments. You may be surprised at the evolution of your partner's family life. Be patient and flexible no matter what you are facing. The opposite angle of Uranus to Scorpio can create different dimensions in relationships. Most days you may be overwhelmed. You can turn it with a change in perspective.

Scorpio Since January 2019, you are more intensely engaged in relationships. You can have control and some skepticism. January 6, 2019 Partial solar eclipse effect creates mental pressure on Scorpio. If you are prepared for this situation, you can save a lot of trouble. February 2019 is much more comfortable for Scorpio. Questions that need to be discussed in the family are discussed. One of them needs your support for something. The support you give him is important to your future.

March 2019 with Scorpio signs of love for love life and the struggle is increasing. You act to strengthen your bond with your partner. April 2019 The Scorpio zodiac removes the difficulties of love life. You can make quick and unexpected decisions. You can think of getting married, even married to a lightning wedding. In the marriage, the child's decision can be made.

In April 2019, you sacrifice all kinds of relationships. You should set yourself up for mom, dad and sisters. You are easily out of every challenge. May 2019 comes with surprises for the Scorpio Zodiac. May 5, 2019 New Moon Effects support your private life. You will be a step ahead of everyone on matters such as marriage, commitment and new union. Situations requiring family approval develop. Your travels are increasing.

June 2019 installs new responsibilities to Scorpio. You can learn things you don't know. However, ego wars begin in relationships. If you are hit by the environment, you can disturb the balance of love.

You may encounter things that are not due to mercury maturity in July 2019. Try to stay as far away from your partner's family relationships as possible. If you look for other reasons during the changes in his approach to you in this process, make a mistake. August 2019 contains comfortable days for Scorpio. You leave many problems.

September 14 Full Moon Scorpio can reveal secrets in your love life. It is useful to keep communication with the people around. October 2019 The Scorpio zodiac sign has the capabilities to renew its love life. You can sail to a stormy love right after setting somewhere in a relationship you're not happy with.

In November 2019, you should avoid situations that will create a power struggle with the person in your life. You don't look back with the Scorpio zodiac December 2019. If you live in your life at that moment and complete the year by doing your best.

Sagittarius daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Sagittarius 2019's horoscope comments: Love, relationships and marriage

Sagittarius In 2019 years of love, you are mostly in fun subjects. You will take care of yourself, your personal care, and you will socialize. It seems that you are disappointed when you are overly optimistic about relationships. Obviously, it doesn't have much, you record quickly and you go where you left off. You will offer affordable solutions to family franchises and not allow problems to grow.

January 2019 Sagittarius touches a little on everything. You will be intertwined with your private, family, work and social environment. You should not let go of control. You should be cold, especially in family relationships.

In February 2019 you are involved in buying and selling, real estate and trade. You can sell a property you want to sell. Meanwhile, you are unexpectedly communicating with a story left in the past.

Sagittarius March 5 March With the effect of mercury aggression you have to take a break from the beginning. Instead, turn to unfinished plans. You are concerned with things like moving a house, moving or changing things. In April 2019 you are free from depressive effects. It's your fun direction. You will be the name of the social environment. A problem you are disturbing becomes a gain.

May 2019 Sagittarius Signs presents new people to your love life. You stay in a dilemma where he meets someone who is not in mind at all. You cannot be sure of your feelings for a while. In this process, you become silent and decide what is. If you are married, you are on a topic that you have doubted. But the result is not as bad as you expect.

With the Sagittarius June 2019, you get harmony in love. Self-esteem sets itself up. When you look in the mirror, you feel better than ever. You owe it to some of the other good places in your life.

July 2019 Sagittarius includes fun invitations, organizations and entertainment for Sign. You communicate with the people in your life and you bring in affordable solutions to problems. If your heart is empty on this day, the need for love will increase. Sagittarius You have to look optimistic about the events in the family in August 2019. Otherwise it can lead to resolution. You have to run, you try to find balance.

You accelerate some of the decisions you want to make in September 2019. There are changes in placement and big conversions. In October 2019, Yay Burcu adds privacy to expanding financial resources. You and your partner can go on a short holiday. You will take care of traveling, walking, and offering love in different ways.

November 2019 Sagittarius offers beautiful energies to your life. You're not worried about accidents. You will feel lucky to know early when you have learned some of the things that are translated. You take measures accordingly. With the Sagittarius December 2019, you are able to recover in every sense. December 12, 2019 The full moon's effects give new decisions. You enjoy freedom with your short plans.

Capricorn daily weekly monthly horoscope reviews astrology

Capricorn 2019 annual horoscope reviews: Love, Relationships and Marriage

Capricorn Log in 2019 years with love, you balance your home, family, environment and business issues well. You spend a great deal of energy on your loved ones, and you put in new plans. In January 2019 he follows the events back. You avoid good reactions at the point you can't agree with the person you love. The close relationships are unpleasant and you end up talking to some of them.

Capricorn Sign In February 2019 you can have a conflict in a persecution. You will participate in short-term plans. If you have someone in your life, you look for other things under his approach. Your skeptical attitude is increasing.

March 5, while increasing the negative effects on mercury aggression, you are more distant than you. You may feel that some of them are approaching you for use. That's why you have superficial behavior.

April 2019 Capricorn is born as the sun. And from that date, you make effective decisions and say hello to a good life. You're not going to look back. Capricorn in May 2019 you are realistic. You keep your logic in front of your feelings. It is important for you to control yourself in your relationship. That way, you make no mistake, you stay away from unnecessary tides.

June 2019 Capricorn Burc removes indecision in love life. If you want marriage, you get married, you want love, you have love. You enter a period where you can project everything you think about in your life. It's up to you to consider this time.

Capricorn in July 2019 you are focused on changes in your living space. You have to deal with issues such as change, exchange of goods or moving. The family farmer is growing stronger. In August 2019, artistic works, activities, invitations and organizations will play. You learn new things in some of your interviews with others and you immediately make new decisions. The energy becomes incredibly effective.

Capricorn Burcu September 2019. You will enjoy life in that hustle and bustle. September 14, 2019 Full Moon Effects can push you into emotional transitions. But you handle this effectively.

In October 2019, the theme for the marriages is presented. His wife is a family problem. You stay away. You will follow the events from the outside to prevent damage to your marriage. If you have a relationship with the future, family elders will have a voice.

Capricorn Burcu In November 2019 you do not have your head. You're going to continue where you can't. As a person living and consuming for some things, it will not be difficult for you.

Aralık 2019'a yaşam seni destekliyor sevgili Oğlak Burcu. If you are looking for more information, please visit our website here 2020 at the end of the day or at your request for the second time at Oğlak Burcu.

kova burcu günlük haftalık aylık burç yorumları astroloji

Kova burcu 2019: Aşk, ilişkiler ve evlilik

Kova Burcu 2019 yılı aşk hayatında daha dikkatlisin. At this point in time, izlerine thinks geliyorsun. Yüzleşmelerin oldukça fazla. Deneyimlerin yılın ilk yarısında gönlüne göre yaşamana müsaade etmiyor. It is necessary to make a list of different types of files. Seni huzursuz eden şeylerin sık sık masaya yatırılmasını içsel sorunların çözümü olarak görmelisin.

Kova Burcu Ocak 2018 tarihinde vazgeçişler var. In this case, you will be able to access the alabilirsin. Partnerin baskıre diretmeleri seni bunaltıyor olabilir. If 2019s are the last day of the week, the first is ateyeceksin. It is always important to be moral sana yet. Make sure that you always have a great deal of peace and quiet.

Kova Burcu Mart 2019 tarahna příležitosti, kředných pohodných, výročný výchných hayatının karmaşasından bir süreliğine kurtuluyorsun. As of 2019, it seems that all of the people who live in the country are living. Miras, mal, para veya ayüklerini ilgilendiren konular olabilir. Mayıs 2019 Kova Burcu ve çevresinin iş birliği yapacağı bir dönem oluyor. Aid üyeleriyle büyük çapta anlaşmaya varıyorsun. İletişim yerinde ve kararında.

Kova Burcu Haziran 2019aşık olmak ve hayatını değiştirmek isteyeceksin. Evliysen vei birlikteliğin varsa düzelmesi ümidiyle sorunların üzerine gidiyorsun. Cevaplarını laf olsun diye prevention. Ağustos 2019 ï birte ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿ Ama sen kararsızsın. Uyum sağlamak zorunda kalabilirsin.

Kova Burcu Eylül 2019 tarihinde şüpheci ve takıntılısın. You can also use the binary options provided by the library. Kendini olmadık durumlar içinde bulmak istemiyorsan uzak durmalısın. Ekim 2019 senin here şeyden uzaklaşmak istemene below oluyor. Unable to connect to the home screen, and access the folders.

Bilmediğin şeyleri öğrendiğinden seni biraz üzebilir. This is the case with a view of the window. Kova Burcu For 2019's the celebrity award. Aşka, hobilerine ve hayata zaman ayırıyorsun. Ne zamandır isti bir şey gerçekleşiyor ve unuttuğun duygular canlanıyor.

Aralık 2019'as sorunlar ve hayal kırıklıkları sona eriyor. Included in the size of the package are at least the same size as the Kova Burcu.

It is also useful to have a look at the astrology

Balık burcu 2019: Aşk, ilişkiler ve evlilik

Balık Burcu 2019 yılı aşk hayatında tutulma etkilerinin önemli yeri var. Yapman reckoned şey dolunay, yeniay ve gerileme tarihlerini takip etmek olmalı. Evliliklerde here şey iletişime bağlı. Seni yukarı da taşıyabilir, aşağı da çekebilir. Bu bir anlamda da senin gerçekten ne istediğine bağlı.

Ocak 2019 Balık Burcu aşk hayatında birçok konu içeriyor. İçsel çatışmalarına below olan tüm bu konular üzerine detaylı şekilde düşüneceksin. İstesen de kopamadığın biri var. Balık Burcu Şubat 2019 tarihinde yapacağın ikili sohbetler artıyor. Paylaşmaktan keyif alıyorsun. Önemli söyleşilere, sunum ve sergilere katılacaksın.

Mart 2019 da daha çok yalnız kalarak kafa dinlemek isteyeceksin. Bu ay yaşanacak olan Merkür Gerilemesi sat the buna fazlasıyla uygun. Balık Burcu Nisan 2019 a very ilişkilerde yükselişe geçiyorsun. Evliys are bilinçli hareket edecek, eşine karşı duyarlı davranacaksın. Kalbin boşsa aşka olan ihtiyacın artıyor.

May 2018 Balık Burcu için güzel günler sunuyor. Sevdiklerine ayırdığın zaman artıyor. Yaşamdan daha fazla keyif aliyorsun. Balık Burcu Haziran 2019'da aşkı önemsemeye başlıyorsun. Hayatında biri yoksa aşık olacaksın. Birlikteliğinde keukenlü kararlar alman olası görünüyor. Temmuz 2019'da çevresel etkiler artıyor.

2 Temmuz Tam Güneş Tutulması ile evliliklerde çocuk alanı canlanıyor. Bebek kararı, hamilelik haberi ve doğum gibi oluşumlar gidişatı değiştiriyor. Ağustos 2019 Balık Burcu hayatında yanlış anlaşılmaları beraberinde getiriyor. Eşin, partnerin, arkadaşın ya da aile büyüklerinle aranda sert açılar oluşuyor.

Özellikle iletişimde hassas olacaksın. Balık Burcu Eylül ve Ekim 2019 tarihlerinde özel hayatında derinlere iniyorsun. Sonbaharın gelişiyle olayları dramatize edebilirsin. Bunu yaparken kendini kaptırmamanı öneriyoruz. Kasım 2019 Balık Burcu aşk hayatında iyiyi işaret ediyor. Dağıldığın noktalarda toparlanıyorsun. Birlikteliğinde isteklerini ön plana alıyorsun.

Aralık 2019’da daha çok aile içi konularla ilgileniyor, ihmal ettiğin şeyleri telafi yoluna gidiyorsun sevgili Balık Burcu. 2020 yılına girerken gerçeklikten çok uzaklaşmıyor, eskiye göre daha sağlam adımlar atıyorsun.

Astroloji 2019 yıllık burç yorumları: İş, para ve kariyer

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