Ashley Judd's harassment lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein is denied

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The actor claims that the former producer convinced director Peter Jackson to release her from the rendered "Lord of the Rings." A Los Angeles judge said he could continue his case for defamation, but not for sexual harassment.

Actor Ashley Judd and exhibitor of cinema Harvey Weinstein.AFP

A Los Angeles court rejected part of a Wednesday lawsuit by actor Ashley Judd against the exmagnate of Hollywood Harvey Weinstein.

Judge Philip Gutierrez indicated that the actor can continue his case for defamation, but not for sexual harassment, and claimed that the California law, on which she based her case, cannot be used in this situation.

Judd accuses the once influential manufacturer –condemned for the sexual abuse of hundreds of women and facing another criminal case in New York – to have ruined his career by resisting his harassment. (We recommend reading: Harvey Weinstein failed to get the judge to reject his case and face case).

According to him, Weinstein convinced director Peter Jackson to leave her out of the cast "Lord of the Rings"and assured it was" a nightmare "to work with her. (Context: How Harvey Weinsten forbade Peter Jackson to work with Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino).

Gutiérrez had already said in September that the law "has never been used in the case of an employer who harasses a potential employee and that the court is not convinced that the instrument was intended to cover this situation."

The law covers, according to the judge, harassment within an already established working relationship.

Harvey Weinstein He asked in July that the claim be rejected and claimed that there was a sexual "covenant" between the two.

"She would let him play it if he "won an Oscar in one of his films""his lawyers said then.

But Judd has said this deal happened 20 years ago when the manufacturer invited her to her room at a hotel in Beverly Hills and asked her to give her a massage or see him take a shower. To escape, he explained, he made that proposal.

The director Peter Jackson He confirmed in December 2017 that Weinstein had orchestrated fighter campaigns against actors in the 1990s, who later accused him of harassment and sexual abuse.

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