Ashley Graham reveals, "I slept with half of New York people

adminJanuary 10, 2019

From Gigi Hadid (23) to Kendall Jenner (23): The current generation of supermodels likes to be exciting and evil in every situation. But talk about what happens behind closed bedroom doors? Nope!

Unlike curves, Ashley wonders Graham (31). It now betrayed in some interview with the American "Elle" some pretty warm details from her love life. And confessing that she had done quite well in her youth!

Before meeting her husband today at the age of 21, she had often given "to sleep too fast" and slept with them, according to the Instagram star (8 million followers). She lived alone for five years and traveled the world as a model, so she was no longer an empty slate:

Until the adventurous young model met ten years ago, just in a church at Justin Ervin. The director is married since 2010 to the swine beauty. She wanted to do everything differently with him, Graham said. So first it said: No sex!

"We wanted to build our friendship first. It has strengthened our communication and our trust in each other," said 31-year-old. "But of course we were still warm. We mess around pretty much! "

And the couple still can't hold their hands apart. That's what, according to the American, the secret to her marriage:

And if she doesn't like it? Even then, the model goes through its program: "Even if you do not have it, you have sex. If we did not, we both get mad, and if we had sex, we could not get enough of each other. We are just in good mood then. "

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Photo: Getty Images

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WOW, what a woman! Ashley Graham, who graced the cover of the legendary "Sports Illustrated" in 2016, is proud of her bodyPhoto: Getty Images

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By the way, there is no desire for children behind their stated love life, Graham explained in an interview.

"For me as wife and wife, happiness does not necessarily mean having children. Good luck to me now, right now, is with my husband and building my own business."

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