As Nacho promised, he will set foot on Venezuelan soil

adminDecember 28, 2018

The Street Journal

Venezuelan singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, also known as "Nacho", surprised his fans in social networks by posting a picture where he could possibly confirm his return to Venezuela.

Venezuela Daily Review

The artist, after his strong criticism of the government of Nicolás Maduro, received threats from the regime and was even denied an opportunity to leave the country when his passport was taken from him at the airport.

However, the singer managed to pass on his departure from the country and his family to stay in the United States and be able to work abroad with the trips already planned on the continent.

Although Nacho had announced on several occasions that he was not planning to return to Venezuela, was recently in an interview that manifested his return in late December to the country that saw him born.

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It was then that on Thursday, in his official Instagram account, he published a photograph of Maracay businessman Aldo Espinoza in what appears to be inside a small plane and in the caption says: "Por el progreso. For reconciliation. Future. On the way to my favorite place in the world. "Make it clear that he would be back to his homeland.

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