Arzum Onan and Mehmet Aslantug together with the camera after 10 years

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Days on May 1, 1948. … Rotary year, back to Hürriyet Turkish press that characterized the history of Turkey and wakes up a new newspaper.

Hürriyet, who met his readers on May 1, 1948, continues his broadcast life without giving permission from the principle of then impartial news from his source siz and continuing his position as a global media brand by taking his position as a groundbreaking and exemplary newspaper of the sector.

Since then, today, the first day without losing the excitement, "Every morning starts a new day and rotating rotating" as the institutionalized concept of Freedom is today one of Turkey's most widely read newspaper and a polyphonic community mirror. The Birkitl newspaper, Turkey's most remote corner of coffee shop, housewives met with a wide readership to the kitchen, and reached 1.4 million people each day with the slogan paper newspaper. Globalization of the world, within the framework of the changing journalistic understanding of the platform to be in touch with readers and stakeholders on each platform, as well as the printed newspaper, as well as web mobile tablets to reach millions of people a day, 68 percent per day , three. 3 million visitors reach daily.

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