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adminDecember 27, 2018

Alexandru Arşinel will be replaced as temporary by Vasile Muraru, currently artistic director of the theater, according to

"Alexandru Arsinel arrives on his last day at the Theater on January 3. He wanted to start the year at the Theater, even though it is his last day here, it will probably be a farewell party, he will talk to his loved ones and tell him what he wants Do next to their lives. Although he still wants to play in theater games, his health no longer allows, so he will probably only come to the theaters when he wants to visit his friends, sources said near the actor.

Alexandru Arsinel has played in hundreds of entertainment programs on radio and on all television stations, on national and international scenes, as well as in many cinematographic productions and television series: "Vacations at the Sea" – 1962, "Heaven begins on the third floor" – 1967, & # 39; Ana and Thief & # 39; – 1981, Ca in the Movies – 1983, & # 39; The Turquoise Necklace – 1985, Sentimental Summer, 1986, & # 39; Everyday I miss you & # 39; – 1987, & # 39; Miss Litoral & # 39; – 1990, "The One Breasted Boys", Second Fall of Constantinople, 1994, & # 39; Paradise Live & # 39;, 1997, Sexy Harem Ada-Kaleh,, 2007 – 2008 & Regina & # 39; – 2009 or & # 39; All in our family & # 39; – 2012. He made doubles in animation films, which were the bear's bear in Jungle Book and Jungle Book 2 Jungle Book 2 and Sheriff in "Cars" and "Cars 2". He was Little John in "Robin Hood" and Master Auguste Gusteau in the movie "Ratatouille".

Alexandru Arsinel has played dozens of pieces for the National Radio Theater, many of which are included in audio collections such as "Cure of Culture": Mircea Radu Iacoban "Circle", IL Caragiale's "Stormy Night", Mihai Eminescus "Sarmanul Dionis" De French comedies by Magda Duţu and "A romantic poet" by Matthew Milo, "Who gets concerned about it" by Dumitru Solomon, "Moliere's Silly Marriage", "The Deer's Feast" by Thomas Dekker, Women Killing Men "by Michal Tonecki," Aristofan Women & # 39; s Assembly "or" The Adventures of the Baron Münchausen "by Gottfried August Bürger.

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