Arrow Summary: Season 7, Episode 2

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ArrowThe efficient premiere of season 7 focused on straightening the boat of the program and, at the same time, introducing some interesting turns, and the second episode continues to be based on the configuration of the table. "The Longbow Hunters" marks the introduction of the new villains of the season, and also complicates the already unusual dynamic among the former members of Team Arrow.

As I mentioned, the episode presents the longbow hunters, the trio of assassins that Ricardo Díaz hired to avenge, well, everyone. First we meet the three villains, Red Dart, Kodiak and Silencer, as they infiltrate one of ARGUS's external shelters and steal, well, a super battery. What makes them stand out from the groups of previous villains in the program is that they seem to have fun while doing their job, especially Red Dart and Silencer, the latter of which uses noise suppression technology to sneak in and kill their enemies. However, I must admit that I find Kodiak a bit silly but in a very endearing way. It is like Arrow He looked at himself and said, "Okay, we have a guy with a bow and arrow, a type of sword, what's the next obsolete weapon we can give someone? Oh, yes, a deadly shield." (Yes, I know that Kodiak is a character in comics, but that does not make the fact that he uses a shield as an offensive weapon less fun).

Anyway, the theft of the longbow hunters puts everything in motion, including the growing tension between Felicity and Diggle. After her decision to counterattack, Felicity is eager to go after Diaz, so when the Longbow Hunters appear, she begs Diggle to let her participate. But, as Diggle reminds you several times, this is ARGUS, not Team Arrow, so Diaz can not be the focus. Part of Diggle's position is also due to the fact that his boss reminded him that recovering the battery is his priority, since ARGUS is not burdened with criminal investigations.

Then, Felicity takes the matter into her own hands and recruits Curtis and Rene to help her track the longbow hunters' lair. It is empty when they arrive and, excited, accidentally activate an alarm that erases all data from the laptop. Oh, also Diggle appears with an ARGUS tactical team right at that moment. And give Diggle a firm signal, who is forced to reveal that ARGUS is so anxious about the battery because it can be used to power an energy weapon.

After Felicity's mistake in the field, Diggle revokes the access to her computer in ARGUS, which leads to the first fight of the duo, well, I do not know when. Felicity accuses Diggle of resigning Oliver and the mission, and even mentions the fact that he rejected Oliver's desire to pick up the mantle of the Green Arrow. While some of what he says is not totally fair, specifically that the last six years clearly meant nothing to him, it is easy to understand where he comes from because he has lost everything, and it also makes sense that he is channeling it. Pain in finding diaz. In addition, the tenacity with which Felicity tries to persecute Diaz feels very much in line with the way she acted in season 5 with Prometheus and joined Helix.

Diggle gives Felicity her space, but she finally pulls it aside to talk a little more and reveals that she did not raise the hood because she saw what she did to Oliver and Felicity's family and could not do that to Lyla and Little John . Like Felicity, it is completely understandable why Diggle made his decision, and I am glad that the program recognizes his views and that he never feels like he chooses the sides. In addition, David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards also provide excellent performances on the scene.

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The billionaire Oliver Queen, under the guise of Arrow's vigilante, tries to correct the evils of his family and fight the evils of society.


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