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adminOctober 11, 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger has apologized for some of his past behaviors towards women.

The 71-year-old actor, who has previously been accused of groping women, apologized for his mistakes and insisted that he has learned from what he has done wrong.

He explained: "Looking back, I went over the line several times and was the first to say I'm sorry.

"I feel bad about that, and I apologize when I became governor [of California]I wanted to make sure that no one, including myself, ever makes this mistake.

"That is why we take sexual harassment courses, to have a clear understanding, from a legal point of view and also from a point of view of regular behavior, of what is accepted and what is not."

Despite his past mistakes, Schwarzenegger insisted that his attitude towards masculinity has not changed.

He told Men & # 39; s Health magazine: "I am a boy, I would not change my opinion about who I am.

"The woman I was most in love with was my mother, I respected her and she was a fantastic woman, I always had respect for women."

However, Schwarzenegger admitted regretting calling his political opponents "feminine" in 2004.

The Hollywood star, who served as governor of California from 2003 to 2011, said: "At that time it felt like the right thing to do.

"I was in my guts, I improvised it, I called them men because they were not willing to take risks, they were afraid of everything, politicians in general want to do little things so there are no risks."

"But it was myopic, in the long term, it's better not to say that, because you want to work with them."

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