ARMY is impressed by how much Jimin has grown

adminJanuary 7, 2019

January 5 and 6, the 33rd Golden Disc Awards In South Korea there were many groups and idols that won prizes, as well as fun moments, however ARMY noticed something very special in one of the guys from BTS, it's about Jimin, which in one year had one evolution impressive. Now he is much more handsome and this was reaction ~~ POS = TRUNC of fandom.

In just one year Jimin has matured in an impressive way according to ARMY and netizens In general, they have compared to pictures of the idol from a year ago and this year Golden Disc Awards.

In the first picture we see a young man Jimin in 2018 with its undulating bright hair and covering the forehead, her expression is very tender. On that occasion, the idol was dressed entirely in white, giving him a more innocent air.

On the other hand, for the first night off Golden Disc Awards, Jimin He looks much more mature, with his gray hair combed on his side and dressed in a black suit. Memes didn't expect where the new Jimin and old Jimin will meet in fun situations.

– President, can I go home?

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