Ariana Grande silences Piers Morgan on Twitter, continues world domination

adminNovember 21, 2018

Ariana Grande is really on a roll: first, she separated from Pete Davidson and delivered the breaking song of our time on "Thank U, Next". Then, on Wednesday, he applied the same statement (a universal, it turns out) to the former journalist and Internet presenter Piers Morgan, after making the serious mistake of engaging with Grande's mother, Joan, online.

It all began with Morgan doing what he does best, annoying others on Twitter in an attempt to remain relevant. Only this week, Morgan played the role of activist for the rights of men attacking Ellen Degeneres for issuing an amateur montage, celebrity men with little clothes on their show in honor of #Dinternational MensDay Y She appealed to the traditional chauvinist, calling Jesy Nelson, a member of the British group Little Mix, for posing in her underwear on Instagram, urging her to "put on some clothes." (This, if he deigns to follow this saga in all its glory, after Morgan had previously accused Little Mix of copying the Dixie Chicks on the cover of their new album, and Nelson responded by calling him "idiot fool".

When Ariana's mother, Joan Grande, intervened to defend both Ellen and Little Mix, Morgan made a big mistake, huge! When he invoked the name of Ariana. "I would simply prefer that they use their talent to sell records instead of their nudity," Morgan said. tweeted. "As your own daughter does. . . ! "

What now brings us to the glorious moment in which Ariana Grande "destroys", "closes", "annihilates": choose her dramatic Internet lingo, a Morgan. Presented without comment in her own words, Grande's concise yet powerful lesson in feminism:

Morgan is sure to respond in the way that best suits him, in a bloody column or in a tirade on his morning show, but the fact that Grande has silenced him for at least two hours is a clear and indisputable victory over the king agitator of Twitter. And it's proof that sometimes, if you're really good at that, it might be worth feeding the trolls.

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