Ariana Grande said that making music is helping her heal after everything that has happened

adminOctober 25, 2018


This year has been a total whirlwind for Ariana Grande. Despite releasing his new album. Sweetener It would have been enough to keep her busy, she has also been dealing with her commitment and then the break with Pete Davidson, as well as the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. But, fortunately, it seems that you have found a good way to cope. In a tweet that he shared on Wednesday. Grande said that music is his "lifeline." As she is recovering from the difficult things that have happened this year, it seems that fans could hear her pouring her heart into new songs soon.

The tweet arrived while Grande responded to the fans and asked him about his upcoming tour and album. When one called her "the hardest working woman in the industry," she explained that making music did not work at all because of how cathartic it is for her. She wrote:

"It does not work when you love it kiddin! I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to do this shit n express myself and heal me like this … my lifeline tbh thank you for listening and let this be my life".

It's good to know that Grande has something in her life that can help her like that, especially because she has had an overwhelming year.

This is not the first time that Grande opens up about the therapeutic thing that is making music for her. While speaking with Hour In May, Grande revealed that his song "Get Well Soon" was about his anxiety and that the way the music was placed was "as if he were talking about all my thoughts in my head and they were singing to me".

In the same interview, she said that going to therapy also helped her make music, because it helped her to be more in touch with her feelings. When before, he thought that his anxiety was simply "how life was supposed to feel".

"I felt more inclined to take advantage of my feelings because I was spending more time with them," said Grande. Hour. "I was talking more about them, I was in therapy more."

And now, no doubt, it seems we could take a look at what's going on in his head during the last few months on his next album, at least according to his tweets. On October 4, he even shared a clip of a song he has been working on. If the music is really helping her heal, it's no wonder she's spent time in the studio.

And it looks like music. is helping, because when a fan asked her how she was, Grande answered: "better than we spent weeks".

Even though the idea of ​​the new music so soon after Sweetener It is obviously exciting for the fans, what is even more important is that Grande could find an exit where she can express her feelings when she is going through many things, as it seems to be now. Now, the rest of us just have to wait for the next album.


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