Ariana Grande responds to the person who accused her of milking the death of Mac Miller

adminNovember 25, 2018

A Twitter user has claimed Ariana Grande is "milking" your ex boyfriend Mac MillerDeath, and she is not having it.

The singer has published many homages to the 26-year-old rapper on social networks after his shocking death from a drug overdose in September. More recently, on Thanksgiving last week, Grande shared on Instagram Stories a flashback of her and Mac celebrating the party together.

"She makes this lettuce", user @VicVonDoom_ he tweeted a day later, on Black Friday, in reference to his recent tribute.

"I pray that you will never have to deal with something like this and I will send you peace and love", Grande, 25, answered on Saturday.

"Some of the books I've read here make me feel sick to my stomach," said the pop star. continued. "It scares me the way some people think and I do not like this world most of the time, if only we could be more compassionate and kind to others, that would be sick."

She added later, "Like f – k.

Singing partner Halsey then he approached Grande.

"Ari, the world could only dream of being as compassionate and gentle as you are," he said. tweeted. "And as you are, as always, so elegant and pleasant, allow me the honor of telling you to close the f – k".

"I love you so much", Grande answered.

"Everything I feel is valid and safe," he said. continued. "Everything I do is genuine and honest, there is no good or bad during this period …sending you a lot of lovepeace. "

"Goodbye, take care, we'll be here forever," wrote fan @alldatgrande.

"F – K. They really make me want to stay", Big answered. "Imma to go even for a minute, it's too twisted here, I'll come back though, I love you, bye-bye."

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Grande and Mac left for at least a year and a half until they separated earlier this year. In addition to his online tributes to the rapper, Grande also refers to him on his new single, "Thank U, Next", which he calls "angel". She also sings about other boyfriends from the past, including her ex-boyfriend. Pete Davidson.

She recently shot a music video for the song and last week, she continually joked some pictures on Instagram, showing parodies of movies like Bad Girls Y Go ahead. She has not announced the project's release date.

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