According to reports, rapper Mac Miller died of an apparent overdose at the age of 26.

Ariana Grande's latest tribute to Mac Miller is giving fans a personal insight into their relationship.

Grande took his Instagram Story on Monday to share a video of Miller in a suit, interacting with Grande's grandmother. In the video, Grande's ex-boyfriend looks at the camera, presumably with Grande behind, smiling and laughing.

Miller died in September of a suspected drug overdose at age 26.

Grande had previously posted on his social media accounts about Miller, sharing photos of him and calling him "the kindest and sweetest soul with the demons he never deserved." The two separated in May.

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The most recent publication came days after his break with comedian Pete Davidson. Davidson spoke recently about their separation, joking about it in his first appearance on stage, as they left him.

"Um, I've been covering a lot of tattoos, that's fun," Davidson said. "I'm (unfit) 0 for 2 in the tattoo (department). Yes, I'm afraid of getting my mom tattooed, that's how bad it is."

Last week, the pop star tackled the break in social networks, calling it "very sad" in an Instagram story eliminated since then.

"It's time to say goodbye to the Internet for just a little," he said. "It's hard not to hit news and things that I'm not trying to see, it's very sad and we're all trying to move forward, I love you, and thank you for always being here."

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