Ariana Grande pays homage to Mac Miller in Thanksgiving

adminNovember 23, 2018

Holidays can be difficult for those who miss a loved one, and on this Thanksgiving Day, Ariana Grande's thoughts were with her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

On Thursday, the singer of "God is a woman" shared a moving memory of Facebook in 2017, when she and Miller gave thanks together. Covered with festive emojis, the image showed the couple stroking heads. "A cake", had subtitled the previous year. Now he added a new legend: "You've lost".

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The story of Instagram of Ariana Grande.

The story of Instagram of Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

Grande has previously shared several tributes to his ex since his sudden death related to drugs on September 7. Upon breaking her silence the next day, the singer posted a black and white photograph of the rapper on Instagram on September 8.

A few days later, Grande shared a video of her and Miller laughing along with the legend: "I adored you since the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will."

"I can not believe you're not here anymore, I can not really wrap my head around this, we've talked about this so many times." I'm so angry, so sad that I do not know what to do, "Grande continued." You were my best friend. . for a long time. above anything else. "

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In October, a week later it was announced that Grande and SNL Comedian Pete Davidson had canceled his engagement. She posted a video in her Instagram story of Miller preparing for Oscar night.

In the video, Miller, standing next to who seems to be the mother of Grande, Joan, and his grandmother, Nonna, arranges the sleeve of his tuxedo jacket while watching an Elton John interview on television.

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Mac Miller in the story of Instagram of Ariana Grande.

Mac Miller in the story of Instagram of Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

"I should have used that for the night," says Miller, referring to the singer's burgundy coat, sunglasses with pink diamonds and the colorful pendant.

After making the comment, she turns to Grande and laughs when she realizes that she was recording the sweet moment.

Choosing to let the video speak, which also features Miller's dog, Myron, sitting across from the late rapper, Grande did not add a legend and, instead, simply added a heart to Miller's left arm.

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