Ariana Grande makes the video & Bring It On & # 39; Remake In & # 39; Thank U, Next & # 39;

adminNovember 22, 2018

Just when we thought that "Thank U, Next" was the best thing Ariana Grande did, she started sharing clips of her new music video for the song.

It seems that the new project will recreate some of the best iconic movies for teenagers of the early 2000s. They were talking Legally Blonde, Go ahead, Y 13 going to 30. And he mocked that there is more to come in his Insta story this week.

So, how did Ari assume the role of Elle Woods, the aspiring lawyer willing to show that she can have beauty and intelligence?

Easy, find Paulette Bonafonte, played by Jennifer Coolidge, and wear a pink shirt. No blond hair is needed.

Even your dog Toulouse is entering the Legally Blonde action, playing the wood chuán Bruiser Woods.

He even found an old orange Mac computer like Woods' in the movie.

"Whoever said that the orange was the new rose, was seriously disturbed", subtitled the shot of herself.

Now it's cold here or it's just her Go ahead Redo photos?

Dressed as one of the Bulls of the film, she subtitled a photo "I moved from Los Angeles, your school does not have a gymnastics team, this is a resort. Ok, I've never applauded before, so what? "

And like everyone else, he added a "#thankunext" just in case.

She shared a photo of the shamrocks too. Recognize some of the cheerleaders?

Two are the dancers of the performance of "Thank U, Next" in the Ellen Degeneres show.

And we are not the only ones who are excited. The stars of the original movie are also going crazy.

And while we have not seen too much of it 13 going to 30 Little, she hinted that the movie would definitely be making an appearance.

One thing is for sure: Grande not only portrays a strong female character in her video, but also in real life.

Last week, Piers Morgan criticized Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter and the pop band Little Mix.

And Ariana Grande's mother, Joan, decided to strike back.

"Honestly, what's wrong with you, @piersmorgan?" He tweeted. "Did your mother never teach you?" If you do not have anything good to say, do not say it! You came yesterday to @TheEllenShow, which was embarrassing, she's an angel. @ LittleMix today, did you ever listen to pay tribute? … well, it does not matter.

And Morgan answered.

Grande applauded and it was hard.

Twitter verse was here for that.

Maybe God really is a woman. Maybe it's Ariana Grande.


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