Ariana Grande makes her first public appearance from the Pete Davidson division

adminOctober 17, 2018

Ariana Grande, Wicked Taping, Instagram

Is not no rest for the wicked".

Ariana Grande He left and made his first public appearance since his separation with his fiance Pete Davidson. Grande published photos in his Instagram story of his recording of NBC today A very evil Halloween, which is a tribute to the 15th anniversary of the musical on Broadway.

In one photo, Grande wears an intense green lipstick, a white and green collar and diamond earrings. In another part of her Instagram story, she described the experience and how she was almost tempted not to come to the recording. She wrote: "I can not believe that I almost let my anxiety ruin this today! Not today, satan! Not tomorrow or the next day, neither can you suck my big green d – k." Finna sings my heart "And be a great ship of love, goodbye. "

Your make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic posted a video on Instagram of Grande singing with soul in her bright makeup and strapless green dress. A fan named Lyric Smith met with Grande in the backstage of the recording and said the singer was "nice".

On Tuesday night, Grande posted a photo with his partner. A very Evil halloween performer, Idina Menzel. The singer of "God is a woman" fan-girled about knowing the Frozen star and subtitled the sweet image of them, "if you all told me something about this fifteen years ago ……………………… goodbye"

Kristin Chenoweth It also plays an important role in the Evil special.

This performance marks a big step for Grande. On Sunday, news broke that the singer of "No Tears Left to Cry" and Davidson ended their engagement and romance after four months. It would also be her first performance since September, when her ex-boyfriend. Mac Miller He died of a suspected overdose at the age of 26 years.

On Saturday, Grande stopped performing at a gala where his manager, Scooter braunhe was honoring his wife Yael Cohen Braun.

the Sweetener The artist has been moving away from the spotlight since Miller's death. She and Davidson attended the 2018 MTV VMAs, but he skipped the Emmy 2018 in order to "take a much needed time to heal and repair".

She and Miller left for two years, but they separated in May 2018. Days after her death, she broke the silence and published an emotional tribute to the rapper. She shared an Instagram video of him telling a story and describing his feelings for him in the legend. She wrote: "I've loved you since the day I met you when I was nineteen and I always will, I can not believe you're not here anymore, I really can not understand, we talk about this, so many times, I'm so angry, I'm so sad I dont know what to do ".

She continued, "You were my dearest friend, for a long time, above all, I'm sorry, I could not fix or take away the pain, I really wanted to do it, the kindest and sweetest soul with demons that I never deserved. be well now, rest. "

Ariana Grande, Mac Miller, Instagram, 2018 Oscars

Ariana Grande / Instagram

His grief over Miller's sudden death played an important role in his break with Davidson. A source told E! The news that she is "really hurt by Mac's death and feels very overwhelmed with her life right now".

The insider also shared: "Ariana has not given herself enough time for the grieving and healing process, and she feels her emotions are out of control."

Another source told E! The news that Grande has felt "overwhelmed" and needed to "take a step back and just breathe for a minute".

This is not the first time he has stayed away from the stage. On May 22, 2017, a bomb exploded outside of his concert in Manchester, England, causing 22 deaths. He immediately returned to his home in Florida, where Scooter Braun told him: "We need a concert and come back." A few weeks later, she and other famous musicians, including Katy Perry, Cold game, Niall Horan Miley Cyrus Y Justin Bieber They met in Manchester for a charity concert.

After the attack, Grande retired and worked on his music, which turned out to be his new album. Sweetener. She dealt with some symptoms of PTSD and said Hour That experience is still painful to think. "The processing part will take forever," he said.

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