Ariana Grande hinted at a new album that will continue super sweetener very soon

adminOctober 24, 2018

Less than three months after the release of their fourth studio album, Sweetener, Ariana Grande hinted that she has a new album to come. Really soon. The singer of "No Tears Left to Cry" was released on Twitter on October 24 to annoy the news and her fans could not be more excited about the possibility. While he was careful not to reveal many details, Grande alluded that the project could be arriving before the end of 2018, responding to a fan with "hehehe idk" when asked if he was "arriving before 2019". Although nothing is official, Grande also shared that the next project already has a title. An Ariantaor asked: "Do you have a name / title yet?" to which the animator simply replied, "yes"

The revelation came as part of a round trip that Grande had with his followers on the social networking site on October 24. It seems that, although most of the fans were enthusiastic, there was some who are not quite ready to pass the glory of Sweetener, saying to the singer, "anyway, do not finish the sweetener too soon please" However, judging by his response on Twitter, it seems that Grande is preparing to promote both albums at the same time, explaining, "ofc no. .. we are going to have both at the same time if u goes down "

Grande seems to be using music as a way to deal with the stress of life. In response to a fan who said: "I am so in love with your passion for music!", Shared the 25-year-old, "fix everything."

Meanwhile, another follower, who was amazed by the ability of the former Nickelodeon star to produce music quickly, asked: "I can not believe … two albums in 4 months or less … ….. how does it happen? this? "Grande replied with an answer that seemed to indicate that she uses her life experiences to fuel her craft. She summarized it briefly saying: "life … you know?"

In the middle of the Twitter chat, Grande shared that music is what ultimately keeps her in motion. After a fan commented, "you literally made an album in 2/3 months … this is crazy, Hardwork QUEEN!", The first Sam & Cat the actor explained, "how do you think I survived these 2/3 months ksjsksjs ……… damn love u"

In the past, Grande has been extremely open about his anxiety and post-traumatic stress problems aggravated by the tragedy that occurred at his concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, in 2017. In the July issue of Vogue U.K., Grande revealed that she had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and shared that she was initially worried about opening up their problems. During his talk with the magazine., Grande revealed that he has always dealt with feelings of anxiety and said that the disorder began to affect her more severely as time passed.

She shared

"My anxiety has anxiety … I've always had anxiety, I've never talked about it because I thought everyone had it, but when I got home from the tour it was the most serious thing I think it was."

In light of the recent rumors of rupture that surround the singer and SNL & # 39;s Pete Davidson, the untimely demise of his ex and friend Mac Miller, and subsequent cancellations of programs, Grande moved to Instagram on October 16 to share more about his emotional state, and explained: "I can not believe I almost let my anxiety ruin this. " for me today !!! "She followed the thought with an inspiring talk, and wrote:" Not today, satan! Neither tomorrow nor the next day … finna, sing my heart and be a great love boat! "

With those things that have been playing a lot in the news cycle, fans have been concerned about Grade's well-being and how he is doing it. During the Wednesday night conversation on Twitter, a fan asked, "can you tell me how you feel fr?" And Grande responding with, "rather during the week than much?" Assuring his followers that things are slowly improving.

That said, it seems that Ariana Grande has learned to use her passion for music as a way to overcome her dark times. With the promise of a new project on the way, it looks like it has its sights set on the light at the end of the tunnel, and the road ahead seems to be extremely bright.

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