Ariana Grande has just shut up the people who say that she is & # 39; milking & # 39; the death of Mac Miller

adminNovember 26, 2018

Ariana Grande has had a year full of ups and downs: after his separation from rapper Mac Miller, he started dating, I have several tattoos with, and then quickly committed to Saturday night cast member Pete Davidson. The two, however, it broke in mid-October shortly after The death of Miller. Grande has published intermittently about Miller since her death, a sign that she is thinking about him and is working on his grief at his unexpected death.

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But Grande is Great, practically everything he posts on social media makes headlines, and his publications on Miller have been no exception. Most of the followers of Grande on Twitter are fans who offer their support and love, but there are, of course, some bad eggs who think it is appropriate to question whether their publications about Miller are genuine. Even during the weekend of Thanksgiving, Grande had to defend against them.

In Thanksgiving, a user posted "She's doing this shit," along with a Complex The story about a tribute to Miller that Grande had shared in his Instagram stories that day.

Grande saw this comment, and followed it with a beautiful response: "I pray that you never have to deal with something like that and that it is sending you peace and love," he wrote.

Then he followed with a series of tweets that urged people not to use Twitter to spread hatred. "Some of the shit I read here makes me feel sick to my stomach, it scares me the way some people think and I do not like this world most of the time, if only we could be more compassionate and kind to others." That would be sick, "he wrote, and added," like fuck "to emphasize his point.

She also received some love from Halsey: "Ari, the world could only dream of being as compassionate and gentle as you are, and as you are, as always, so elegant and kind, allow me the honor of telling you to be quiet," wrote the singer.

Grande ended by reminding everyone that, however, she chooses to cry is absolutely fine. "Everything I feel is valid and safe, everything I do is genuine and honest, there is no right or wrong during this period," he wrote.

True to Ari's form, she said goodbye by keeping it positive: "sending everyone a shit of love," then adding "peace."

Props to Great for sending the world some much-needed positivity, even when the trolls are trolling.

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