Ariana Grande destroys the Morgan misogynist docks

adminNovember 23, 2018

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the patron saint of gratitude, Ariana Grande, thanks us, along with Piers Morgan, an old and miserable Christ who pretends to be a journalist.

In recent years, Morgan has clung to relevance by "confronting" celebrities; These spats usually consist of Morgan choosing a star for wearing revealing clothes, with his "slap" saying that he can use whatever crap he wants. The high profile goals of the former editor of tabloids in disgrace range from the Kardashians to Chrissy Teigen and Emily Ratajkowski. Its triggers include naked bodies and women who respond (or simply talk?). Now, it is not ridiculous to have a healthy skepticism towards the beautiful and thin celebrities who tweet naked under the disguise of radical self-love and feminine empowerment. There is potential for an interesting and nuanced conversation there. But tweeting an adult woman "It's time for @KimKardashian to put the clothes back on," right?

This month, England's unsuitable uncle targeted the group of girls Little Mix for a promotional photo in which they posed nude with insults written on their bodies. In Good morning brittanyMorgan attacked the image, which is part of a larger conversation that Little Mix is ​​trying to facilitate on the empowerment and confidence of the body. "What gives power to this?" Morgan complained. "I mean seriously: take off the kit, apply an airbrush to an inch of your life and put on a bunch of horrible words." Then, in an effort to get me to learn the name of an individual member of Little Mix, singer Jesy Nelson called Morgan an imbecile on the radio. When the group of girls was asked during an interview if they were surprised by Morgan's comments, Nelson replied: "Of course not, he is a stupid idiot." Morgan proceeded to demand a public apology from Nelson, and tweeted The controversial photo session with the iconic Dixie Chicks. Entertainment Weekly Cover, accusing Little Mix of stealing the idea.

And it was this specific accusation that the women of the Grande family could not tolerate. The matriarch of the Joan Grande family ignited her iPad and decided to provoke a mini scandal around the world, tweeting: "Honestly, what's wrong with you? Outdoor@piersmorgan? "She continued," Did your mother never teach you, if you do not have anything good to say, do not say it? You came for Outdoor@TheEllenShow yesterday that was shameful, she is an angel. Outdoor@Small mix Today, have you ever heard of paying homage? And … well, it does not matter.

For a bit of context, although this story is much better without her, Little Mix opened for Ariana Grande on a recent tour. Morgan, who obviously is not above entering into a Twitter dispute with your mother, wrote a particularly unctuous response. "Hi Joan, my mother taught me to say what I think and never be afraid to express honestly a sustained opinion. Ellen is a hypocrite, and as for Little Mix, I would prefer that they use their talent to sell records instead of their nudity. As your own daughter does …!

Do you know when you go to your parents' house and they want you to fix something weird they did on the computer? Ariana Grande took a look at this fucking show by Piers Morgan and decided to end it once and for all. She started: "Ellen is an amazing and kind human being, I use my talent and my sexuality all the time because I choose it, women can be sexual and talented, naked and dignified, it is our choice, and we will continue fighting until people understand I say this with due respect, but thanks, next.

While several tweets were exchanged, including a healthy mockery of the Burgers King ad by Piers Morgans in 2009, almost naked, from photoshopped to hell, this jewel of Ariana Grande is the only one that really matters: "Also Outdoor@piersmorganI look forward to the day when I realize that there are other ways to become relevant than to criticize young, beautiful and successful women for everything they do. I think it will be something beautiful for you and your career or what's left of it. "

This final demolition is a beautiful product of thanks, the next era. It all started not so long ago, when Ariana Grande started to leave and then quickly got engaged SNLIt's Pete Davidson. His whirlwind romance moved us all, introducing great energy of cock into the national lexicon and gave me memes for days. Unfortunately for the comic, the red flags against Davidson began to accumulate quickly (it's not funny, they said strange things about Grande on TV, proposals after only a month of dating). Eventually, Grande had to ask himself the old question: Is it the love of my life or just 6 & # 39; 2?

In short, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson separate, the Scorpio season begins, and Grande drops an absolute blow, "Gracias U, Siguiente", half an hour before SNL. The track, which is named after a tweet that Davidson directed, runs through all the exes of Grande. "One taught me to love, one taught me to be patient, and another taught me to feel pain," she crooned, insisting, "I'm so fucking grateful for my ex." it's a success ", placing Grande in a proud tradition of women who broke up with comedians only to realize that they were actually the funniest.

Announce that you are definitely in a relationship through extreme performative gratitude and get your first number one song in the process is the next level. Grande is, literally, taking advantage of his broken commitment, and that is the energy that we should all bring to the new year.

Thank you, the next one is the perfect burn because it makes you sound really magnanimous while you are eliminating someone from your life forever. Instead of an icy cancellation, decreeing a thank you, the next opens the door optimistically to the best things to come. The next flattering groom who is twice your size, or the next British journalist who is not totally condescending and is uncomfortably obsessed with female nudity. Thank you, the next one says it's not about you, it's about me and how boring I am about you. It's about taking time for yourself, to prioritize your career and / or put together an epic music video recreating Bad Girls, Legally Blonde, 13 going to 30 Y Go ahead. Because if Ariana Grande can destroy Piers Morgan, overcome her ex, overcome Billboard Hot 100 and drag that heavy ponytail extension through a complete Bulls routine, what can she do?

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