Ariana Grande closes Piers Morgan on Twitter

adminNovember 22, 2018

Ariana Grande does not take prisoners when it comes to the male ignorance surrounding sexuality and feminism. Just ask the former journalist Piers Morgan, who was destroyed by the singer after he mentioned his name in the Twitter sphere to defend his macho comments.

But before we get into that, let's take a step back. Earlier this week, Piers criticized Ellen DeGeneres for her video montage of #DternationalMensDay of half-naked men, and he did not stop there. Then, he called the band Little Mix for copying the Dixie Chicks for his new album of art.

Adding insult to the injury, Morgan was offended by the nudity of the group of girls, saying: "Ask her to put on some clothes (if she has any …)".

Enter Ariana's mother, Joan, who put Morgan in his place with the following message:

Piers responded to Joan and made the grave mistake of taking Ariana to the conversation. "I would simply prefer that they use their talent to sell records instead of their nudity," Morgan wrote. "As your own daughter does. . . ! "

The singer of "God Is a Woman" proceeded to annihilate Morgan with an effective lesson in feminism and sexist double standards, even bringing to the mix a shameful picture of Piers almost naked. Oh yes, she went there.

Surely, that silenced him. For now…

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