Ariana Grande Channels Mean Girls for new music video

adminNovember 25, 2018

Ariana Grande's latest music video is making her feel a little wicked.

The singer, 25, pays homage to the 2004 teen comedy. Bad Girls in the video of her hit song "Thank U, Next", and even managed to get the actor behind the original love interest of the film, Jonathan Bennett (a.k.a. Aaron Samuels), to join her for fun.

On Saturday, Grande shared a series of new takes of the set, all with an image that she was dressed as the last bad girl in the movie, Regina George (immortalized on the screen by actress Rachel McAdams). Grande looked almost identical to McAdams in the snapshots, and wore everything from her perfect blond locks to her pink knit cardigan and a suede miniskirt. A picture even had her holding the iconic book Burn!

Of course, who is Regina George without her plastics? On the side of Grande in a group of snap was Dynasty the star Elizabeth Gillies (as Cady Heron of Lindsay Lohan), the BFF of childhood Alexa Luria (as Karen Smith of Amanda Seyfried) and her friend Courtney Chipolone (as Gretchen Wieners of Lacey Chabert).

Bennett, 37, posed next to them, repeating his role as Aaron: blue sweater and all. "Aaron ❤️ Regina", wrote on Instagram. "Thanks U, Next".

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Bad Girls it's just one of the beloved movies that Grande is parodying on "Thank U, Next".

After paying tribute to The first wives club during a performance of the song in The show by Ellen DeGeneres, Grande decided to recreate more rom-com roles for the music video of his simple top-chart, including 13 going to 30, Go aheadY Legally Blonde.

Earlier this month, Grande shared the storyboard of the visual accompaniment of Instagram Stories, showing photos of her and the films she was inspired by.

Since then, he has been flooding his Instagram with images from the series, mostly combined with iconic quotes from the movies. "Whoever said that the orange was the new rose, was seriously disturbed," Grande subtitled photos of herself with an Apple Apple orange laptop, which fans recognize as the same that Releé Witherspoon used Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

"I moved from Los Angeles, his school does not have a gymnastics team at this resort … well, he had never acclaimed before, what?" He wrote a picture of him in his full uniform, describing the plot of Go ahead (The cheerleader classic by Kirsten Dunst – Gabrielle Union).

There was a black and white photo of a doll house, the same one that magically transformed Jennifer Garner's Jenna in her 30's 13 going to 30.

And if that was not enough, it turns out that Bennett will not be the only star of an original film to make a cameo in the video. Jennifer Coolidge, who played Elle's best friend, Paulette, in 2001 Legally Blonde – It will also make an appearance. On Tuesday, Grande published a photo on the social networks of the two together, writing: "New best friend …. Thanks, next."

Grande's beloved dog, Toulouse, will play against Elle's four-legged BFF, Bruiser Woods, too.

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"Thank U, Next" is the first single by Grande to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song finds Grande revisiting its past romances with the dancer Ricky Alvarez, the rapper Big Sean, the comedian Pete Davidson and the late musician Mac Miller, who died on September 7 at the age of 26. He praises them for helping to boost their personal growth.

"I thought it would end with Sean / But it was not a game / He wrote some songs about Ricky / Now I listen and laugh" I even got married / And for Pete, I'm very grateful / I wish I could say it "Thanks to Malcolm / because he was an angel ", sing in the melody.

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