Ariana Grande applauds again at Troll accusing her of & # 39; milking & # 39; the death of Mac Miller

adminNovember 26, 2018

Ariana Grande You do not hear your criticisms of how he laments. Mac MillerDeath

the Sweetener Y Thanks u, next singer spoke in Twitter this weekend, only a few hours after an online troll publicly commented on how he had been "milking" the death of Mac Miller with his tributes and memorials.

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First, the tweet of the troll, criticizing one of the weekend tributes from Ari to Mac that took place a few days ago (below):

Hours later, Ariana herself responded to that (and / or other related sentiment) by sending the following series of tweets (below) while working on her reaction publicly:


Nice to see Halsey Even entering into the spirit of everything and sharing his love for Ariana, too!

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