Ariana Grande and James Corden were scared by an & # 39; Escape Room & # 39;

adminOctober 31, 2018

It was a real scream when Ariana Grande fallen by James Corden Late Late Show Tuesday night for a Halloween fun place.

Recorded at the beginning of this year, when Ariana cut her segment of "shared karaoke" and mysteriously cut her hand, the pop singer and her host had a spell inside a terrifying "escape room".

Ari, who loves a scare and appeared in the Very evil halloween The television special earlier this week may have gotten more than he expected during his nighttime stay.

"I go to haunted houses as things, and generally the escape rooms are not so scary," he said. Then his tone changed as fear increased. "That's not an escape room," said Grande. "That's one of the seven Gates to hell."

Look here.

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