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adminOctober 31, 2018

Ariana Grande and James Corden tried to leave an escape room on "The Late Late Show" on October 30. However, the segment was filmed months ago, and Ari was still wearing his engagement ring! Look here.

Being stuck in an escape room is scary enough, but add the supernatural, and it becomes frankly scary. James corden, 40, and Ariana Grande, 25, put his nerves to the test in the October 30 episode of The last late show, trying to get out of the "escape room of sp0o0o0ky". Earlier, Ariana admitted that she loves the escape rooms, but generally does not find them to scare. However, this time it was far from the case, as she was instantly frightened when she and James started to make their way through the spooky room!

While ghosts and ghoulies are scary, they seriously injure one of these escape rooms. Really frightening. While this segment was aired on October 30, some Arianators correctly suspected that this might be the reason why he wore a bandage on his left hand in August. Ariana mocked that she was injured while recording an edition of "Carpool Karaoke"; He posted a photo of his bandage on his Instagram / Twitter with the title, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I ANI IDIOT, but I LOVE my bandage because it seems sick @JKCorden, I'll be fine someday". But, she already had the bandage during the segment (and she had it on when she and James did their tribute to Titanic.) To what extent she hurt herself remained a mystery, until now.

"This is how you broke your hand @ArianaGrande," tweeted the Twitter user @thelightiscmb in response to the preview of Ari's enchanted adventure. "You could be in something", the official account of @latelateshow tweeted again. Wow. Never doubt the power of Ariana's fan base, as they will always find their way to the truth.

In fact, the images show that Ariana tripped and fell during her time in the haunted room, which is how she hurt her hand. This confirms that the segment I was filmed in August, which explains why Ari is shaking his huge engagement ring of Pete Davidson in the clip, even though she broke up with him two weeks ago.

Now, Ari is preparing for his next world tour. Less than two weeks after separating from Pete, Ariana announced the dates in North America for her. Sweetener excursion. She goes on the road for three months in March 2019, and heads to major cities in the United States and Canada. If there is something that distracts her from her separation, she is plunging into her work, while visiting all her loyal and intelligent fans. However, after seeing how scared I was during this Late Late Show segment, do not wait for Ariana to reach the escape rooms during her days off.

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