Are you kissing your baby on lips and posting pictures? Known as well paid for it

adminNovember 30, 2018

This is not the first time the audience has literally begun crowds because of the expression of parents' love …

A couple of days ago, a former football player, husband of designer and "exspajsky" Victoria Beckham, David, published a wonderful picture with her daughter. They skated both together on a skateboard, both leaning to each other and giving a kiss. For a moment, the proud eye did not hide from the world, but praised it on the social network with the words: "Christmas is coming. Let's go ice skating."

But he did not realize that a avalanche of conflicting responses to ways to express the parents' love would start again. Some believe that the innocent child of love is a beautiful and natural expression, others have accused him of being unhappy, sexistic and simply not part of it. What do you think?

Parents' comments

The proud eye of a brown crowded hat and orange scarf kisses a daughter who is gliding on ice in a red bundle. For many mothers and fathers, however, at first sight, family and idyllic moments seemed inappropriate.

"Strange – it's inappropriate for a parent to kiss their children on a lip. If on the forehead or cheeks it's sweet," wrote the commentator. The next added: "I do not have children, but … It's inappropriate to kiss their children on their lips."

But many more comments were defensive and understanding. It is still natural to express love and parents' love for your children and kissed your lips. One of the mothers wrote, "There is no contradiction with the father kissing her little daughter on her lips. Anyone who believes something is wrong, the person is not right."

In defense of David Beckham there have been many parents who have taken parents and education as well. "I kiss all my children on my lips, my eldest son is 14 years old. Parents love is not a strange thing. Negative contributions to this picture are a reflection that something is wrong with this world and the image itself is a reminder of how the world must be. "

What do you think you do differently than Beckhamers?

George and Amal are not allowed to advise their nurses, who recommended her?

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