Are Ines Heredia twins already born? Actress prepares

adminDecember 27, 2018

IHeredia came to eight months of pregnancy, and therefore the twins Thomas and Louis can be born at any time.

Celebrating that she had managed to hold the pregnancy for Christmas, because she was twin, there was a greater risk of premature birth, she shared an Instagram publication that led the fans to believe that the babies were already born.

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This Our Lady of O is on my bedside table since the day I had the first threat of birth (November 20) … I think I can return it to the cot. # BabiesGreatMothers #SaveMeninoNearly #FullTermTwinPregnancy Merry Christmas !!

An entry shared by Inês Heredia (@inesheredia) on December 24, 2018 at. 9:17 PM

Underlined all doubts, Gabriela Sobral's wife shared in her InstaStories a "brief clarification": "No, no love is yet born. Who was born was the baby Jesus (24 to 25), and then I was born at midnight (26 to 27).", revealed future mother, who celebrates Thursday her birthday.

At present, the twins are "still in the oven", but the truth is that it should not be long before the good news comes.

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