Arda Kura's disease resumed! The last upset

adminJanuary 11, 2019

In 2012, he was admitted to Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, and he was reportedly the relapse of the disease to a famous actor Arka Kural, who was diagnosed with Psychonevelopment.


The singer and author Onur Akay, Arda Kuralu's article on the resurgence of the king's relapse, he wrote, he wrote.


Akay also published photographs of the famous player in metrobüstü, "2008, his latest film could not get his money, was depressed Arda Kural" had previously not agreed to be treated. In 2012, he was admitted to the K2 department at Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, and the disease was diagnosed with "Psychoneurosis ları".


Arda used 3 medications a day, and after experiencing improvements at work, her condition began to improve and she had improved. Arda's disease, however, has occurred, and he is exhausted by going on metro buses and minibuses. He's had the same sweater for several days, can't even use the phone. Even social media addresses are taken care of by my roommate. Sosyal



Arda Rule for Addressing Producer Famous Artist Akay Honor ", a period of handsome young girl with dreams of adorning Arda rule does not need to give manufacturers in a project in Turkey now? Shame on the manufacturers!

Arda is not schizophrenic and has a disease that can be improved after treatment. However, his lovers and producers should not leave him alone and must support patience! Inin

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