Arcángel would not have attended the concert in Cali for her daughter's birthday

adminDecember 31, 2018

Arcángel would not have attended the concert in Cali for her daughter's birthday

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For Saturday, December 29, the Flow Concert was scheduled in Cali, where several reggaetton artists were to participate, including Arcángel.

However, Austin Agustín Santos did not arrive until the concert and reported the news at the last minute and let the fans be surprised.

Apparently, the reason why the motivation absence of the artist will be for the birthday of one of his daughters.

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In an Instagram post, it is possible to see little Lucero Santos, and in the description it says: "The love I feel for you is greater than life. I am no longer interested in anything in this world than to see you happy. Congratulations on the day yours, my queen, my light, all mine. "

In the same publication, several of his successors wrote him reports of disgust for his inability to attend the concert within the framework of the Cali Mass.

While other of his successors supported him for the decision, he did to share time with his daughter.

Other artists who were scheduled to play on the Flow Concert were Don Omar, Tego Calderón, Jean de La Guetto, Jowell & Randy and Alexis & Fido.

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In a statement from the organizers of the event, they confirmed the artist's non-compliance and the modification made.

Finally, Arcángel was replaced by a DJ; But those who did not agree with the change would be refunded.

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