Aquaman: The press and the first crowd greet a successful film

adminNovember 29, 2018

Man Of Steel, Superman Batman, Wonder Woman or Justice League. In the world of superhero blockbusters, DC Comics suffered some setbacks. While his rival Marvel made a cash contest attack, the DC Comics just gathered the crumbs. But things can change with his next blockbuster.

The best DC movie of all ages

Last night, the premiere of the movie Aquaman was held in the British capital, London. After the embargo was lifted, first impressions appeared on social networks. And generally they are good. Despite some imperfections, users have enjoyed the movie directed by James Wan. The own movie provides "excitement and adventure for the whole family".

For Erik Davis, journalist at Fandango, Aquaman is today "the most ambitious DC movie "," A great visual show, crazy, full of action scenes and very fun to watch. In my opinion, James Wan is the real star, he travels the question, makes it entertaining and conquers it ".

A review shared by ComicBook Movie reporter Brandon Davis: "Aquaman is great. James Wan makes a unique film about the origins of a superhero, crossing amazing and epic territories, but at the same time rooted in family and discoveries"You have to wait until December 19 to make your personal opinion.

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