Appearance lasted 10 minutes: Kevin Spacey laughs in court

adminJanuary 8, 2019

He must not approach his alleged victim: US actor Kevin Spacey had to respond today to charges of sexual harassment.

He wanted to avoid the deal, but the judge ordered that actor Kevin Spacey (59) personally came to court: The former "House of Cards" star was in charge today due to the responsibility for sexual harassment and attacks at 11 clock local time at Nantucket .

Spacey said during his hearing "thank you"

Spacey smiled and relaxed as he entered the court through a side door. Even before the judge, the Hollywood star seemed relaxed. Spacey was denied "direct or indirect contact" with the alleged victim and his family. He also faces 90 days of imprisonment if he is to commit a crime before the attempt.

He is facing five years in prison

The actor did not plead guilty in court over his lawyer and just said "thank you" during his hearing. Only ten minutes lasted their appearance. After a brief visit by a case officer, Spacey was allowed back to the airport, where a private jet waited for him. The actor star threatens five years in prison.

The allegations of immoral attacks and attacks, according to the prosecutor of an event in July 2016 in a restaurant at Nantucket. Spacey is said to have made one then 18 years old full and then immoral affected. Since autumn 2017, charges of sexual abuse and harassment against Spacey have been raised publicly for more than 30 cases.

The next hearing was held on March 4. Spacey does not have to do this personally, but can be reached by phone. (WYT / KAD)

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