Antonio Banderas shot at Heidi Klum

adminJanuary 11, 2019

At Golden Globes, Heidi Klum and her fiance Tom Kaulitz could hardly keep their hands apart. Their table neighbors Antonio Banderas and Janelle Monáe are said to have complained – and fled to the bar.

Heidi Klum (45) and Tom Kaulitz (29) offered the photographers a smooch show on the red carpet in the Golden Globes. But not only the cameras were the newly engaged couple in the evening in their arms. Even during the incident, they could not leave each other. Much to the grief of their table neighbors.

"It was like a peep show"

Antonio Banderas (58) and Janelle Monáe (33) sat at a table in the hall with the turtle couple. But for a long time they couldn't stand there. The "Who" magazine reports that it was too hot for the actor and singer on the pitch. "It was like a peepshow," Banderas says to have complained. To escape the love, Pärli fled to the bar.

The top model Heidi Klum and her Tom may not be very interested in the criticism. After all, since the announcement of their relationship in May last year, they are on the cloud nine. Obviously, Heidi is already so much in the engagement father that she already has exact wedding plans. Although the Tokyo hotel guitarist just asked her a few weeks ago, at Christmas. (EUC)

Love, the rest does not matter

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