Another shocked demand for Seda Sayan

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Cengiz Çimen, who was called the name Mülayim, who produced Seda Sayan for a period of the morning program, was a guest on the 2d side of Channel D.

He claimed that Seda Sayan was very annoyed and finally sat down because he went to Friday prayers.

Seda Sayan These statements do not remain the tablet social media account & # 39; & # 39; Prayer & # 39; he was dismissed from work & # 39; is fired & # 39; he cried is also honored. I refer to Allah. Remember, I put my head on my pillow, my mind. You believe. Your credibility is zero. & # 39; had made the description.

A shocking requirement more!

2.Sayfa's Instagram has been shocked by a comment that came after this incident.

Meral Cakmak A trailer named Akar, Seda Sayan about "Years ago we went for a wireless chair. If we knew it would be like that, we would never go. & # 39; He claimed.

& # 39; SUMMER NOW WAITING & # 39;

Seda Sayan did not keep this claim quiet.

Sayan, "This was told to us directly, Seda Sayan said through his network? I wonder now without fear of God in the summer I wait, he said.

After Seda Sayan's answer, the trailer's follower "How old would women give me a chair they opened their hair. It was a trauma to me. Do you work on television you will explain:" he said.

After the comments from Seda Sayan's explanation were subject to curiosity.

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