Another DRAM in popular music! End for easy success! Romania, in LACRIMI

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The scandal between the great singer Laura Lavric and her sister Catherine is nearing the end!

No less than 100,000 euros ask the artist in court from her sister after she accused her a few years ago that she was prostitution, writes

Laura Lavric said he would make the final decision in the coming days that would break the conflict.

"After the holidays, after New Year's Eve, I get the final official decision, and then I will take the necessary measures.

– Respectively forced implementation that I don't think it gives you the money …

– I don't know, I probably need an international executor. And I find, I'm a woman who knows how to solve everything. I have patience. There was too much damage to the repair. There can be no such offenses. He wrote that he was asking for forgiveness … no.

But I and Victor (son Laura Lavric) have closed the ways to get in touch with us. And then, if she calls from another number, she wrote a message to forgive her for errors. No, but for me, the soul is forgiven for being a faithful man, and I do not want to disturb God, to be naughty with my soul. But because he is a dangerous man, I no longer get it in my life. I have nothing to do with her.

If you come and pull a head on your head and break your head and tell her I forgive you, the poor man, you didn't make a mistake … you pay for it. I, spiritually, honestly say, are forgiven. But for what she did, my punishment is that I no longer want it in my life, Laura Lavric said.

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