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Weddings, Babies, Deaths, Kind of Destiny: We look back and show what the Queens and Kings, Princesses and Princes had in 2018. In the fifth part: Queen Máxima in the Netherlands and her great family loss.

In fact, you know them with a big smile on their face, always stylish, always regal. Máxima in the Netherlands, 47. Since she married Willem-Alexander, 51, in 2002, she is one of Europe's nobility. Since Willem-Alexander's 2013 entrronement, she has been queen on her husband's side. And put this regularly in the shade. Hardly any other member of the Dutch royal court inspires the masses as much as Maxima. And not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.

In June 2018, Máxima traveled to India as the UN's ambassador. For three days she worked on the spot for financial and development issues. And left a lasting impression.

The photos of Máximas India tour in the gallery:

Sister's death

Only a few days after this trip to India came the shock message: Máxima's sister Inés Zorreguieta was found dead in her home in Argentina, the Queen's homeland. A spokesman for the Argentine embassy reported that the 33-year-old had assumed his own life. For a while, according to various media reports, she is said to have suffered from depression and anorexia.

Máxima immediately interrupted all his planned performances and traveled with Willem-Alexander to Buenos Aires to be with the family. Also included are the royal couple's three daughters: The Princesses Amalia, 14, Alexia, 13 and Ariane, 11. Particularly tragic: Inés Zorreguieta was godmother of the youngest princess Ariane.

Only a few days after death Inés Zorreguieta – by the way, one of six siblings Maxima – The funeral took place in the Argentine capital of course in a private sphere, despite great media interest. According to the newspaper "La Nación" gave Máxima a speech in the grave and talked about how much she loved it Inés loved. Along with her daughters, the queen dThe songs "This is Love" by Bob Marley and "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan are sung.

"It helped us a lot"

After this, Máxima blew the public, her husband Willem-Alexander went without his wife on a previously planned Baltic trip. During this, he expressed himself – first from the royal house – also to the tragic event. "It took us a lot. Inés was unique, "he told the media in Latvia. They would have received many comforting words, for which he and his wife were very grateful. He now addresses this journey in the Baltic countries without Máxima accompanying him as planned." My wife are in thoughts. And I'm with her in my thoughts. "

In fact, not only King Willem-Alexander's thoughts were with his Maxima – but those of an entire nation. This great support was for the popular queen at least a little comfort. When she first reached an agreement in late June, Máxima was also particularly interested in thanking everyone. "I really want to express a big thank you for the many letters, reports and condolences. It helped a lot," she said during a visit to a cancer treatment center. And further she said in this context: "My little, dear, gifted sister Inés was also sick. She couldn't find joy anymore. She couldn't recover. Our only consolation is that she has finally found peace."

Support also from the mother

But it was not just the people who came to the queen in this difficult time, but also her own family. This was evident around September. Máxima had at the same time resumed her representative duties. But with the Prince's day – the annual official reopening of the parliament in The Hague after the summer – it was a very important date on the agenda, where Máxima presented himself in noble robes and with the usual cheerful smile.

The reason for the smile was probably also that the day when Máxima's brother Juan Zorreguieta, 36, and his mother Maria del Carmen Cerruti Carricart, 74, were on site. News; So far, the Máxima family was mostly only in private events. But in this difficult year the whole family moved closer together.

In the gallery: Máxima's magnificent appearance of Prinzentag

Other shock messages?

About a month later it seemed that everyday life had finally come up in the Dutch royal family. During a two-day visit to London, Willem-Alexander and Máxima visited the British monarchs – and Máxima again impressed with his open, spontaneous and friendly nature.

Look in the gallery: The photos of the Máximas London tour

But even after this trip – as well as to India – only a few days later followed a shock message. The queen had to cancel the contracts again, now because of an illness. The Netherlands again worried. Especially because Máxima usually only leaves his obligations in the most extreme emergency. However, the monarch resumed her work. So this time it seemed less tragic. Luckily. Because even though the support of her people will always be certain: one kind of fate per year is more than enough. Especially if it is as tragic as Máxima suffered in 2018.

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