Announces boycott for the return of bullfight to Medellin

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Happy to someone and disappointment to others. It is the synthesis of the feeling that lives in Medellín after the announcement, by the Mexican company Casa Toreros, which in February will return the brave party to the city. A surprise news given one month after the cancellation of the bullfighting season that would take place this month.

Pablo Moreno, president of the foreign firm, told this newspaper that when he saw that the capital of Antioquia would run out of bullfighting in 2019, he spoke to most majority owners, D & # 39; Groupe, and they hired La Macarena Entertainment Center to offer one poster on days 9, 16 and 23 next month.

"As a bullfighting we could not leave traditional seats without their party. We already did in Peru, because in Lima there is a 253-year-old plaza that faced a situation similar to Medellin. We saved it and now it generates jobs and tourism because everyone wants to see bulls in that city, "he said.

Moreno indicated that the programming was finished with little time, but will have world-class bullfights like that Julián López and Andrés Roca Rey. The news, and what has caused the most irritation among the animal's more expensive, is that the income of minors will be free.

One Juan Guillermo Páramo, spokesman for AnimaNaturalis, the news did not surprise him because, when it was confirmed that the Cormacarena bullfight was canceled, he maintained a moderate optimism, and he pointed out that he was trying to talk to the new owners so they would not allow bullfighters in the square .

"We wanted La Macarena to be just artistic performances and they were not aware of us. We want to start a boycott campaign against the events organized by the company," he says.

The most deviant, according to Páramo, is that the entrance to the bullfights has free income for children. Therefore, before the "slaughterhouse to which minors will be exposed", he said they would send a letter to the Colombian Family Witness Institute to alert them and try to protect children.

On the other hand, Juan Fernando Giraldo, a member of the Medellin Antitaurina, expressed himself disappointed because they believed that the city had reached a level of consciousness for pet-friendly respect and it was not so. What they most regret, he added, is that it is a foreign company that does not know the rejection of the brave party that has brew a large sector of the audience.

In response to the bullfights that will take place in February, the anti-bullfighting organization invited the community to demonstrate socially on the same days (9, 16 and 23 February) at 2 pm on the outskirts of La Macarena.

Páramo revealed it, along with the councilor Álvaro Múnera, It is a move to suggest a new entertainment center in Medellin. At this, the company published in its social networks the intention is that the present site is "forgotten only as a torture center".

Before the announced boycott D & # 39; Grupe replied that the company did not organize the posters and prices, nor did it advocate the brave party, but instead it was operators who only accepted a rent (Casa Toreros) which by law had the permits to carry out the races .

Santiago Tobón, who was president of Cormacarena, a company in liquidation after leaving the San Vicente de La Macarena Foundation, said they received the news with pleasure.

"Although the Mexican company is responsible, we can cooperate to the extent that they require it, not from the Cormacarena because it ceases to exist but as bullfighting."

He said he kept hoping that someone would be interested in saving the brave party for Medellin, because he received several calls that he referred to the new owners of the plaza.

In addition, anti-bullfighting said it was fully entitled to express itself, but expects the authorities to be ready in the event of disruptions in public order during the February races.

Pablo Moreno predicted that the La Macarena stands would be full on all three dates, and showed he was interested in organizing several bullfighting programs over the next few years.

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