Annies gun tackles divorce, complicated woman with humor.

adminOctober 30, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Pistol Annies' new brazen singles recovery song called "Got My Name Changed Back" has sparked interest in its lyrics about a cheating husband while traveling and sparked speculation about who might have inspired that. .

The trio of Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe do not say so, but Presley points out that there are two divorces and two ex-husbands among them.

"It was a divorce song to feel good," Presley said. "You are welcome."

"We can say what we want together with a little more courage than we could say alone," added Lambert. "Our entire catalog has been about celebrating things that were not so positive and putting them in a comical way."

The women approach failed marriages, desperate wives, female friendships and complicated women with lots of ironic humor and just the right amount of sadness on their first five-year album called "Interstate Gospel" on Friday.

They wrote the album together without any external writer, who has mostly been their patron. "We have not written any songs with other writers," Lambert said, but then the other two corrected her, noting there was a song on her first album that her ex-husband Blake Shelton co-wrote with them.

"Oh, well, it's gone," Lambert said with a laugh.

It was another divorce song that led them to start writing again after years of individual work in their solo albums.

Lambert proposed a verse and chorus for the unfortunate song, "When I Was His Wife," and sent it to Presley and Monroe in a voice note. Soon after, they went to Lambert's house to sing songs.

"We do not do writing sessions per se," Presley said.

"We do pajama parties with guitars," Lambert said.

The break between records has been productive for the three singers. Lambert released a critically acclaimed double album, "The Weight of These Wings," while Monroe and Presley released two solo albums over the past five years.

"It's like we have so much life to talk about, we have enough for solo projects and as a band," said Lambert.

The song they will admit about themselves is "Stop Drop and Roll One", a field rocker in which they celebrate their differences and similarities. As the song says, "You have the games, you have the tabs, you're running your mouth again."

"If we all threw our wallets on the table, it would be 'Stop Drop and Roll One'," Presley said.

A song like "The best years of my life" shows its ability to create emotionally complex female characters who wish to escape their monotonous lives through a recreational drug or a poor quality television program. "Masterpiece" recognizes public fascination for the brilliant image of a perfect relationship, even if it is not real.

"There are a lot of things that you have to go through (as a woman)," Monroe said. "This album touches a lot of that and there's a bit of humor and twists in there that makes it a little less difficult."

The trio is not doing a tour to promote the album, only three shows in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles, mainly because Presley is pregnant, although they will be presented at the Country Music Association Awards on November 14.

"This record feels very special and I feel that when we do a couple of intimate shows, it gives people the opportunity to live with him on tape and live with him in person and go from there," Lambert said.




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