Animation festival drops Kobe Bryant after protest rape allegation in 2003

adminOctober 18, 2018

Photography: Matt Sayles (Getty)

The Oscar-winning cartoon maker, Kobe Bryant, was to be a member of the jury in the second annual edition of this weekend of Animation Is Film, a film festival based in Los Angeles, but the organizers canceled their invitation after the animation community protested the inclusion of "accused rapist and sexual predator". Kobe Bryant. " The news was first reported by Cartoon Brew.

Bryant won an Oscar this year for his short film that looks at the navel Dear basketballand, through its recently founded Granity Studios, is making inroads into the world of cinema. ESPN recently announced that Bryant and Granity would produce a second season of Detail, who will present Peyton Manning, who has been accused of sexual harassment.

The animation community does not seem to want to let Bryant use his film company to further rehabilitate his image and try to make everyone forget that he was accused of raping a 19-year-old hotel worker in 2003, just to avoid a criminal trial. verdict by harassing her in silence and then reaching a civil agreement.

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A petition initiated on behalf of "women and allies in the animation community" called on organizers GKIDS, Variety and Annecy to disinvest Bryant and, in doing so, "revoke their complicity to allow a sexual predator to continue a life without any responsibility As an individual and as a celebrity. "

GKIDS abandoned Bryant yesterday, removed it from its website and released the following statement to Cartoon Brew:

"After the discussions with the different actors of Animation Is Film, the decision was made to remove Kobe Bryant from the 2018 jury." We are a young organization and it is important to keep our collective energies focused on the films, the participating filmmakers and our attendees to the festival. "

Bryant, who was not invited because the people in the animation community did not want to give him a platform due to a serious rape accusation, issued a very angry statement that only vaguely acknowledges the fact that he was not invited because the people of the community of Animation did not. I do not want to give him a platform because of a serious accusation of rape.

"I was honored to have been originally invited by Animation is Film to be part of the 2018 jury, and I am disappointed that I can not continue in that position. This decision motivates me even more and my commitment to building a studio that focuses on diversity and inclusion in storytelling for the animation industry. I remain focused on changing the world in a positive way through various stories, characters and leadership, to inspire the next generation. "

Poor Bryant, who can still make movies for ESPN and receives flattering comments for his role as a businessman.

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