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adminNovember 28, 2018

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

The anniversary of the departure of the 15th Tunisian artist, Zekra, which took place on November 28, 2003, follows a murder that deprived us of her voice.

She has performed many successful songs in Tunisia and Egypt and has performed more than one successful duet, including: "O Thinking Player" with the artist Abu Bakr Salem, our pink dream with Mohammed Abdo, we dream with Egham and "La Arif" with Ehab Tawfiq. The latest album "Day of the Lake" and "Day of You", which was put on the market just three days before her death, and after her death rich many of the sings in the Arab world, including Sherine and Majed al-Mohandes.

In this report, we give you excerpts from the life of the artist Zaki from the TV interviews she performed before she died:

It was a memory of a political position that I played in her artistic work, especially the Palestinian cause. She participated in Arab Dream Opera in 1998, accompanied by a large number of singers in the Arab world.

A memory song for Saddam Hussein

– In a television interview with Bilal al-Arabi, Zekri said she is a lady who does not like to see fat and that she is between each period and is subject to a diet to keep her thin.

Anniversary with Bilal Al Arabi

– During her meeting before, Layali Dubai 1998, the song "My Life You" was written and composed in a session based on the situation happened to her.

– In a meeting at Laila Dubai in 1998, the artist said that one of the famous restaurants sent her a family meal that she did not ask for and received, after which a fan called her and told her that he put poison in the meal because he loved her.

– She said she had studied at high school with the Tunisian artist Amina Fakhir, saying she was the friendliest in Tunisia, but her presence in Egypt played down the meeting.

– Singer Tariq Fuad said in a television interview that the singer was very credible in her and she saw that he was the main composer in Egypt and pointed out that she gave him the reward for the song 4 times and explained that the memory of the artist did good in the artistic environment.

"Singer Tariq Fuad said in a television interview that the singer Samira Said and Angham had been compared to the actor so they refused to handle him after handling Zikra and noted that Angham and Samira Said were black in their faces.

– She died November 28, 2003 in a surprise novelty for all. The Egyptian authorities announced that she was killed by her husband, businessman Ayman al-Suwaidi, who later committed suicide.

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